Saturday, August 27, 2016

• Three Events, One Day

Saturday morning saw Natalie's Rascals celebrate their first year in business. 

They had free doggie treats, a prize wheel (we won a mud bath for our dog - I'm guessing they'll be washing the mud off before returning him to us). They also were holding a raffle with many terrific prizes (winners to be drawn at the end of the day).

Natalie (middle holding poodle type dog), along with some happy customers.
There were also $10 microchips being offered to pet owners.
Nicely decorated treats on display. Inset shows the microchip promotion.

A couple of hours later, Discount Tire Centers had their grand opening.
A look at the front of Discount Tire Centers.
It was a fun time, and weather was great too. 

There was a Grilled Cheese Truck that had many tasty options, all courtesy of Discount Tires, plus several vendor booths.
Abby Benoit gets her arm painted.

KOLA radio was doing a remote broadcast, and they had a couple of games/contests during the time I was there.
Winners of the kissing contest were the Gary & Carrie Brown and Jaimie & Ben Benoit.

At 1:00pm there was a ribbon cutting for welcoming Discount Tires to Wildomar.

•          •          •
In the evening, Marna O'Brien Park was the site for Astronomy Night 2017.
Kids lining up for tickets to win a telescope.

About 80 tickets were given out to kids hoping to win one of twelve telescopes; thanks to the sponsorship of PVM and Interwest.

An estimate of 120 to 150 people attended.
Boy Scout troop 332 was selling popcorn.

Crew 332 was selling My Buddies Pizza, and they were able to put all the proceeds towards their projects. Thanks to My Buddies Pizza, and their generosity, for giving a big discount on the pizza and George Cambero for picking up the rest of the tab.

Also in attendance were the Temecula Valley Astronomers, the regional agency called WRCOG, SoCal Edison, Wildomar's Mayor Bridgette Moore, Mayor Pro-Tem Tim Walker, Councilmember Ben Benoit and District 2 city council candidate Dustin Nigg. 

During the presentation.
Since My Buddies Pizza showed some community spirit tonight, I'd like to let people know that they have a 25th anniversary party coming up soon. Check the flyer for details.

•          •          •

‘It is an old maxim of mine that when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’
— Sir Arthur Conan Doyle/Sherlock Holmes, 

Wildomar Rap [remember to insert humorous anecdote here].


  1. The taxpayer’s paid for those telescopes.
    The city wrote the check to pay the credit card bill back in May. (Earlier Star Party was cancelled due to weather.)
    Invoice #6214 paid with Voucher #206105. The city also paid for the health permit to operate the snack bar. Monies raised didn't go back to the taxpayer's.
    In the past, as no current numbers have been presented to the Measure Z Oversight Committee, these expenses have been paid for out of Measure Z funds.

  2. Good point about the April Astronomy being cancelled and why there were 12 telescopes instead of 6.

    Now, let's play advanced 4th grade math for a minute.

    Susie buys 12 telescopes with money she received from her grandparents on her birthday. Who bought the telescopes?
    1) Susie
    2) Grammy and Grampy
    3) Santa Claus

    The answer is that Susie bought them (invoice #6214 proves it) but the funds were from Mar-mar and Far-far (PVM and Interwest).

    In other words, The taxpayer’s purchased the telescopes but didn't "pay for them".

    1. When they are charged off as an expense in the Measure Z Audit, the taxpayers payed for them.


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