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This is a catchall blog about things that aren't quite worth stand alone updates, but I wanted to mention just the same.

Have you seen the sign touting a new Sushi Bar... COMING SOON? 

It's located to the west of the USA gas station (on the northeast side of the Clinton Keith overpass). To the contrary of what the sign is asserting, there is no such restaurant coming to that location.

After asking around, I discovered that nothing is slated for that area at this time. 
I have seen [legit] signs for a new sushi place at the new Wildomar Square retail area.

•          •          •
Over at the northern edge of town (Mission Trail and Malaga) we see some Lake Elsinore City Council election signs.
I like both of those guys, I just don't like their giant signs in Wildomar.

There are no code violations (some have asked), the fence is private property, but it's still bad form in my view. 

That corner is slated to be upgraded to a gateway "park" at some point. It's in the pipeline, but not with any dates attached to it yet.

•          •          •
I was driving past McVicar and saw that it wasn't reopened yet.

It looked like it was at least several days away from opening, even though the sign says it should have been opened on the 26th.
Photo taken August 27th around 1:00pm.

Let's just hope the hangup is due to sunspots (or some other such natural phenomenon), and not some local yocal that has busted loose from the funny farm thinking the road hasn't been constructed 100% according to the specs —which it has... or worse yet, threatening to sue about it.

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I started noticing clusters of these "Support Clean Air" signs around Windsong Valley. 

Have you been seeing them too?
Signs like this tell me that the people behind such a campaign were obviously raised after we cleaned the air up. Too bad they can't be transported back the mid-70s for just a week. They'd probably die of fright without their smartphones, then being told to go outside and ride a bike from dawn to dusk... without a helmet no less.
I can't wait for the *SUPPORT CUTE PUPPIES* signs that are sure to follow.
Based on the logic of the "clean air" signs, if you don't have one of these signs in your yard, could it mean that you hate puppies?

You can rest assured that such slogans are often a ruse.

Anyone else remember the Prop 47 rally cry, calling it the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act

That's an all-time greatest lie if ever there was one.

I'm sure the clean air commandos don't like to be reminded that, in the not-so-distant past, you could be a stone's throw from the mountains, and still not see them. 

Below is a very educational video put out by CARB (California Air Resource Board) in 2008. 

It runs about 18 mins long, but is well worth your time, especially if you don't remember what bad air really looks like.

It shows how we've cleaned our air, going from 148 smog alerts in 1970 —in the LA area, to ZERO smog alerts in the year 2000.


Another stat in the video is that vehicles today are 99% cleaner than they were in the 1960s.

I'm sorry that we can't have our cake and eat it too, but we can't have a modern life and expect there to not be signs of our existence. 

We've done a good job of cleaning up the air, and those that have made it happen deserve a round of applause.

Still, I'm guessing that many in the clean air brigade would gladly put millions of people out of work if it they thought it would reduce a few more molecules from the air. 

Who needs jobs anyway, or the sustenance their paychecks provide, when we can just run around like chicken little instead?
•          •          •

I still haven't met city council candidate, from District 2, Linda Gonzales yet. I keep expecting to run into her as she's out meeting the voters at various events. 

From all accounts I've heard, she's a very nice person. I'm looking forward to meeting her and asking her if she'd like to do a "Better Know a Candidate" blog. 
I've already confirmed with the other candidate from District 2, Dustin Nigg. The best time to upload such blogs is mid to late September, just before early voting gets going.
•          •          •

It's absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.
— Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900 

Wildomar Rap employs a tedi-ometer and tries to keep the needle on the charming side of the equation whenever possible.


  1. You gave me a chuckle for today. Very witty.

    This is a map of the air quality index for today, Sunday August 28, 2016 in Riverside/San Bernardino County. Maybe you don't see it, or notice the changes over last 25 years out here, its getting much worse.
    As to McVicar, it was originally supposed to be open on the 18th. Everytime I go by there I wonder how the homeowners that have lived there for decades are getting in and out of their properties, let's also hope the sewer lift station on the corner doesn't blow a gasket.

  3. Thanks for the photo of the Clean Air sign. As I drive by them, I've tried to read them, but have been thwarted by the fine print or my speed. I'm very curious about the sign. It cites only SCAQMD, which is a entity established by state compliance with federal air quality standards. I believe Ben Benoit is on this board. But, it seems odd that such an entity would have yard signs, so I'm asking environmental groups if they know the impetus behind this sign. As Ken said, there still are air quality issues, e.g., limiting various diesel engine and industrial plant sources, especially throughout the LA basin which still endures terrible smog conditions. We still get no-burn alerts too. So considering the growth rate of our Inland Empire, there may be something worth supporting though I can't find it on this sign. And of course, there's the spike in greenhouse gases that needs to be reigned in too.


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