Saturday, September 24, 2016

• Brown Vetoes Wildomar, Again!

This was easy to predict, and most of us saw this coming a mile off. 

I boldly predict a five-peat next September.

The best recap of the whole thing was in a comment by RivCo Supervisor Kevin Jeffries in a reply to Mayor Bridgette Moore Facebook posting the news of the veto.

I asked councilmember Ben Benoit his take on this, and though it appears that there could be a glimmer of hope in the governor's remarks that accompanied the veto, he didn't put too much stock into it.

If this is an opportunity for us to get [the VLF funds returned] before the governor is no longer in office —great, but I don't know that's going to happen.

Councilmember Ben Benoit

The part that frosts me about Brown's prolonged obstinance on the matter is that he has no problem dishing out blindingly high sums to his pet projects. 

Then he has the temerity to suggest that basic operating costs for these four cities (Wildomar, Eastvale, Menifee and Jurupa Valley) "must be considered in the light of other budget priorities."

“While I commend Senator Roth’s tireless commitment to assist the cities, this bill requires the state to make additional and long-term general fund spending commitments. As such, this proposal must be considered in light of other budget priorities during upcoming budget deliberations.”

Governor Jerry Brown

Part of me feels that I have to take responsibility for this veto. 

During the letter writing campaign I called our esteemed governor a booger... and knowing his delicate self esteem, it most likely sent him into a tizzy and cost the four Riverside County cities a combined $24M a year. 

My bad.
•          •          •

Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job.

— President George W Bush

Wildomar Rap would like to hearken back to a classic suggestion from past LA Mayor, Tom Bradley: when it's brown, flush it down.


  1. All this complaining is nothing more than sour grapes on the part of the city. Citizens have paid a lobbyist $36,000 a year for the last 4 years to promote the same agenda that has resulted in as many veto's. Senator Ross hasn't worked very hard either as he keeps submitting the exact same bill every year, cut and paste a new date on an old document re-submit, takes a lot of thought.

    1. I get some of what you're saying, but I don't think the "sour grapes" comparison works here. Sour grapes is when someone fails to be elected to the city council in 2008 and 2010 and then once told to "beat it" by the electorate, she then goes on a suing rampage against the same body she had tried to be part of... or like Al Smith was when FDR beat him out in the 1932 democratic convention. It's not "sour grapes" when someone comes up and sucker punches you(what brown did to Wildomar), and then you later look for redress.

    2. Good points Joseph. sour grapes is also when all one does is bitch piss & moan about anything and everything, give incorrect information, doesn't get involved in a positive way to help make things better or doesn't celebrate the good things going on in our city. It is easy to stand on the sidelines and criticize, it is another thing to be a part of something and open YOURSELF up to second guessing. I don't think trying to get what you are owed is sour grapes. I am thankful to our city council members and city staff for all they do to better this city. Even when I disagree with them ;)


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