Friday, September 23, 2016

• Go Nutz Donuts Opens

It's been several months in the waiting, but the big day has arrived, Go Nutz Donuts is officially opened for business.

I stopped in around 8:30 and had a chance meet up with councilmember Ben Benoit, along with some other friends that had already been inside. We chatted while I let the line subside a bit. 

I picked out four different items to sample, along with one of their special coffee mugs ($14.99) that comes with lifetime refills for 99¢.

I'm not really big on sweets in the morning, don't blame me - blame my tastebuds, so I was eager to sample the C.H.P.  (Cheese, Ham and jalapeño Pepper). A terrific balance of flavors along with some zing from the jalapeño.

The maple donut had a deep flavor, and the chocolate one had a great taste too. I had to enjoy the texture and taste of the cronut... looks like I may have to rethink this "sweets in the morning" thing I mentioned earlier.

Remember that this is a soft opening and they're still working out a few kinks. 

They have an extensive menu, but many of the items weren't available today. 
I'm looking forward to trying such things as Crazy Balls (a concoction involving a donut hole and a meatball) and The Hankster (2 glazed donuts with an egg, sausage and cheese).
Go-Nutz bling for purchase.
I loved the unique shapes of the donuts I purchased, they had that artisan feel to them and the taste was great. 

They are located in the Stater Bros shopping center (Clinton Keith and Hidden Springs Rd, right next to Print Postal).

Facebook Page

Be sure to check out their website for a complete look at their menu, and the backstory of where Go Nutz came from.

Official Website
Gotta love all the ideas they have!

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Donuts... is there anything they can't do?

— Homer Simpson

If Wildomar Rap were a donut shop, you be sure to find pepperoni pizza and Kalamata olive donuts on the premises.

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