Thursday, September 15, 2016

• Lateral C-1 Storm Drain Project Pictorial

This project has been percolating for quite some time. It's been mentioned at least half a dozen times in this blog with the earliest reference going back to May 2014.

This isn't the type of project that will cause any traffic issues, so most people don't know it's under construction... even if they're driving by it.
General area of the project and pictures below.

It's just to the east of Palomar, south of Anne Sullivan Preschool, and mostly out of sight.

It's not hard to dig up information about this project, but I asked Public Works Director/City Engineer Dan York to give a thumbnail sketch in layman's terms about it.
What you're seeing right now is that they're building the 90" section of the pipe, closest to Palomar; and it will go all the way up towards Windsong Valley. It'll run north and south along the edge of Windsong Valley and pick up a couple of different drainage courses. Ultimately it will collect 615 cubic feet per second of water, which is a significant amount of water. This project, we're hopeful that everything will be complete before Thanksgiving.

Public Works Director/City Engineer Dan York

Below are several images. 
The first is from last Summer, the rest were taken this week.
June 2015 Google Image of the area.

A look at the sections of 90 inch pipe required to finish this job.
A crane getting ready to place one of the 90" pipe sections.
A section of the 90" pipe that is near Palomar.
Another look at the pipe to give you an idea how big it is.
Here is a detail of the previous image for a better idea of it's size. 
If it ever rains again, it'll be interesting to see how the water flows with this thing in place. Hopefully straight down to the Murrieta Creek like it's supposed to, and not onto Palomar anymore.
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  1. Let's hope we never see it filled up with dirt like Prairie Rd. which is accumulating dirt once again.


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