Saturday, September 17, 2016

• Better Know A Wildomar Business: Traveling For The Pets Mobile Grooming

Calling all dog owners

It's always nice to share a trusted Wildomar business with the community. 

Diana Robinson, owner operator of Traveling For The Pets Mobile Grooming, has been grooming dogs since the '70s and in Wildomar since 2004. 

The difference between her service and traditional groomers, is that she comes to your house to wash your pooch... instead of you convincing your dog to get into your car and schlepping him or her to the storefront option.

No dropping off and picking up, or leaving your furry friend to wait for hours while you do errands. 

She has a fully self contained trailer. Complete with washtub, electric/adjustable dog grooming table, and air conditioning.

She doesn't use your water or electricity, it's all part of her self contained trailer.

In addition to shampoo and cuts, she offers flea/tick treatment, and skunk treatment too!

Her services start at $55.

She uses Nature's Specialties all natural products. 

I asked about her mobile setup and how it came that she chose that method to do business.

She told me that it's more economical to be mobile, and started off with a specially designed van, that she went to Indiana to pick up; at a cost of $85,000. 

She liked it, but the maintenance on it was high. She had two of those before switching over to the trailer. 

She's fully insured, both for the trailer and for your dog if something unforeseen were to happen. 

We have an eleven year old Schnoodle (that's a fancy-pants term for a designer mutt, half schnauzerhalf poodle) and thought we'd test out Diana's service. 
Diana trying to reassure Marcello, as he tries to talk me out of having him groomed.


Diana applies some finishing touches.

He wasn't too sure at first, but in the end, gives two paws up to Diana.

Though Marcello has a few skin issues (growths) that had to be taken into consideration, Diana handled them with care and Marty (his nickname) came out looking like a champ and ready for the canine prom.

There are many great groomers in town, but if you've wondered about mobile grooming, and whether there is a reliable person serving the greater Wildomar area, now you know.

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“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”
— Mark Twain, 1835-1910

Wildomar Rap prefers Hebrew National, with some mustard and sauerkraut, when dealing with a dog eat dog world.

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