Thursday, November 10, 2016

•City Council Meeting November 2016

There was only one item on the agenda for this meeting, it was a street lighting acquisition update. Before that there was a presentation honoring new Eagle Scout Kedan Quintana, representatives from William Collier Elementary spoke about their school. 
Mayor Bridgette Moore and Eagle Scout Kaden Quintana.

Fire department update 

In the report Battalion Chief Todd Phillips mentioned the fires that displaced the Deanna Ramirez family and burned El Comal restaurant. 

The cause of fire at the Ramirez residence was undetermined. El Comal is still under investigation but he had this to say about it.
My understanding is we got a really good jump on that for several reasons. One, the business owners had come in that morning  to open up the restaurant and smelled natural gas. So they contacted the Gas Company. The Gas Company got there and smelled smoke and noticed the fire and reported it. Right about that time a sheriff's deputy also saw the smoke coming from the roof and reported it.

Battalion Chief Todd Phillips

Link to blog about El Comal fire

Chief Phillips also spoke about an accident on the freeway that involved one of the fire trucks. 
On October 2nd, Cal Fire Riverside County firefighters responded to a non injury traffic collision, on Interstate 15 southbound north of Bundy Canyon. Engine 94 from the Canyon Hills station was assisting the parties moving their vehicles to the shoulder of the freeway when the engine was struck by a vehicle traveling southbound. This collision involved another vehicle, which was struck, which resulted in two minor injuries and a moderate injury. 

Nobody was seriously injured.

Battalion Chief Todd Phillips

Public Comments
• Glenn Copple invited people to attend the Original Christmas Tree Lane ribbon cutting at the Lake Elsinore Outlets on Friday, November 25th at 10:00am.
• Kenny Mayes urged the city to get onto social media, mentioned his concerns about Measure Z not being equally applied to apartment/condo complexes and insufficient library fees on new construction.
I agree with Kenny on the social media thing. I understand that the city staffers are already being worked hard (as a taxpayer I wouldn't want it any other way) but having a facebook page would not take anymore time than sending out the emails already does. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Just an update a couple of times a week.

As far as Ken's concerns about Measure Z, I guess he has rejected the city's explanation of how those monies are being collected from apartments.

• Andy Morris invited residents to discover the Rotary Club.

3.1 Street Light Acquisition
This is one of those wonky topics that the average resident won't be too concerned with, though it's a great move that will save us all a lot of money over time.

In short, Wildomar will be buying the street light poles from SoCal Edison and retrofitting them with LED bulbs (requiring the city borrow $1.7 million). This is being done by all the surrounding cities and the cost savings will be substantial over time.

A 30 year cash flow model of costs to purchase, retrofit, maintain and finance yields a net savings to the City of $650,000 at year 15, $1.9 million at year 20 and $5.8 million at year 30. 

Below is a link to a video that was played for the city council to demonstrate the differences between the current lighting and the proposed lighting. If you can't see the video, try clicking here.
The city council members will be taking tours in a test area to see the different lighting options available. In January this item hits the council again and more will be learned then.

City Manager Report
A special city council meeting will be held on Monday December 12th to simultaneously say goodbye to Bob Cashman and swear in new councilmember Dustin Nigg.

At the meeting Bob Cashman will give a short presentation about his years working on the behalf of Wildomar. 

Added to the Community Calendar is a Holiday Lights contest. If interested in participating in this, give the city a call as at the publishing of this blog the link hasn't been created yet. 951-677-7751

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Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in a few.
― Pythagoras

Wildomar Rap often strays when trying to implement Pythagoras' wisdom.


  1. It's been my understanding that the lighting program is offering a reasonable equivalent for the LPS, but so far, I haven't seen it in WRCOG's media.

  2. This is the kind of misinformation that gets spread when people don’t listen carefully. Mr. York, speaking (in the video) about that evening’s Item 2.0 Westpark Promenade, stated that because these condominium units (Westpark Promenade) would be sold to individual owners, they will be assigned an assessor’s parcel number as they are sold and they will pay a Measure Z parcel tax.

    My comments, at the city council meeting, concerned the apartments which remain the property of a single owner, such as Gables Oak Creek Apartments 148 units, Santa Rosa Apartments 320 units and Oak Springs Ranch 321 units for a total of 780 new dwelling units (the projected population increase is 1716 citizens). Those existing apartments now pay $84 annually in Measure Z.
    This, along with future apartments, approved or in the process of being approved, totaling 910 units that are rented out located on 5 parcels, which will bring in a calculated 2002 new citizens, these will pay a single parcel tax per complex or $140 a year for Wildomar’s parks.
    That brings the total Measure Z tax of $224 to the city for 3718 citizens. (60 cents a year per citizen) The average single family home which pays $28 for the calculated 3.2 citizens works out to $8.75 per person
    If anyone care to see the numbers, on my blog in the next couple of days I show the individual parcels along with copies of the pertinent pages of the Measure Z Park Tax Fiscal Year 2015- 2016 Assessment Roll. (This is a part of the documentation that the Oversight Committee has never seen. (only one member has ever expressed an interest in seeing this documentation).
    So much for Oversight

    1. I'm thinking that if Dan York couldn't explain it in satisfactory way, I'm pretty sure that there's no way that I could either.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Joseph it's like hearing the same record on the juke box, over and over. Tiresome and pointless.

    2. And one that has a deep scratch where the needle gets stuck in the same rut, errr... groove, until you go over and kick the record player.


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