Thursday, November 3, 2016

• Planning Commission Meeting November 2016

Two items on the agenda tonight. 

Both dealt with the same basic area of town.
Westpark Promenade is denoted by the blue star.

Item 2.1 Westpark Promenade
The project starts just east of the 15 freeway, sandwiched between the housing tract known as Hartford Park, off Depasqule Rd, and the USA gas station that is on Clinton Keith.

This project calls for 118,354 square feet of commercial retail space and 191 condos.

The retail portion will go along the freeway, with the condos on the eastern half of the project.

If you'd like to get a better view of the project, use this link to the agenda packet. Once there, just scroll down for various images and maps.

It was established that these units will not be rented out like apartments, but sold like any other home would be. 

Which brought up the question raised at the last planning commission meeting, will they be paying the full $28 Measure Z park maintenance fee or not?

Planning Director Matt Bassi and Assistant City Manager Dan York answered that (yes they will be) in the short video below.

Item 2.1, was comprised of seven resolutions, all passing, sending it off to the city council for a final vote. Each passed 4-0, with Commissioner Sidney York being absent for the second straight meeting.

He's going to be the new record holder for fewest meetings attended by a sworn Wildomar Planning Commissioner, with a final count of one. His term ends when Councilmember Bob Cashman's does (next month), which means his tenure is in the history books now.

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Fun fact, this project is already in line to get the CEQA shakedown from the new kids on the Wildomar block→ SoCal Environmental Justice Alliance. 

The same group that threatened legal action against the Baxter Village project... last I heard there was a settlement (cha-ching) so the project can now go forward.

Tons of papers have already been going back and forth between their lawyers and the city and the project's legal representatives, regarding the Westpark project .
Apologies to any Canadian Mounties that may be
offended by this characterization of Dudley Do-Right.

If you want to know a major reason why there is a housing shortage in California, and why the prices are ridiculously high here, look no further than the self proclaimed activists that make everyone's lives difficult as they're busy playing Dudley Do-Right. 

Lawsuits costs money and the ones that end up paying the freight are the future homeowners... if the units get built in the first place.

Below is a link to SCEJA's website. By the looks of it, it takes a whole lot of greenbacks to be green with all the people working for them.

SoCal Environmental Justice Alliance Website

The other item on the agenda was another GPIP. I thought we'd gotten past the need for these... I guess I was wrong.

Brief recap. There are General Plan Amendments and then there are General Plan Amendment Initiation Requests (better known as GPIPs). It's a way for an applicant to size up his chances of approval before actually deciding to go for an actual GPA.

A couple of years ago I came up with a four panel cartoon that sort of illustrates a GPIP (at least how I see it). 

Hint: Mario is a random developer, and Peach is the city.

The GPIP was being sought by Faith Bible Church, for a 600 seat church (with potential expansion to 1100) on 24 acres. It's located directly north of the Westpark Promenade project. 

Based on the usual pace that a Wildomar project takes, the Faith Bible Church project is a long way off at best.

Planning Commission Chair, Veronica Langworthy left them with, "It's important that if you see the need that you feel free to go after that vision. We have a vision in Wildomar that we are community, we are rural and we are family oriented. So if what you're proposing fits within that and within our general plan, pursue it."

But remember, this was only a GPIP. So nothing actually happened... other than the applicant asking if it would be ok to ask more formally in the future.

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“The price of freedom of religion or of speech or of the press is that we must put up with, and even pay for, a good deal of rubbish.”

Robert H. Jackson, 1892-1954


  1. According to Mr. York the development will pay 3 Measure Z Parcel Taxes in the beginning. As these units will be sold once the other maps for the Condominiums are recorded they will then have their unique Assessor Parcel assigned and they will pay the $28.00 annually like the rest of us, all 191 units + the 3 parcels.
    It was sad to see another citizen denied the opportunity to address the commission because he did not understand the rules of engagement. He did talk to staff afterwards but it is not the same as having addressed his concerns to the full commission, this also changes someones rights if they choose to take the court route. The rules need to be posted at the door for all to see or they need to be read out loud at the beginning of the meeting. As this person was hard of hearing written rules would have been the preferred method.

  2. My goodness, because the instructions for public commenting written in the agenda are not good enough? How does this change someones rights if they go to court? It is important for the rules to be followed. If they had been waived then the same person claiming someone was "denied"(overstatement as always) would be complaining that proper procedures were not followed. Kind of a Catch 22 for the City. But I guess there is always something to complain about.

    1. That's the thing, if the guy didn't read the instructions in the agenda why would it seem logical that he'd pay attention to something on the wall?


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