Wednesday, November 2, 2016

• Trump Rally in Wildomar

With only days until the election, about 20 or so Trump supporters converged at the intersection of Clinton Keith and Hidden Springs Rd (just west of the 15 freeway). 

They came from many of the surrounding cities. I spoke to people from Murrieta, Sun City, Menifee, Lake Elsinore and our own Wildomar.

It was a party atmosphere on the two sides of the street. There were American flags, political posters, and more horn honking (along with thumbs up) than you could track.

One driver, of a big rig, laid on his air horn in a way reminiscent of Troop 332's deuce at the Temecula Christmas parade. 

There were a few drivers that flipped the bird and one Hillary supporter, in a gray Honda, that went into full freak-out mode. He had done something that got people to turn their cell phone cams on and that sent him over the edge.

At that time I was on the south side of the intersection and the trouble started across from ARCO on the north side. The driver was turning west onto Clinton Keith from Hidden Springs but then spun his tires and made wild u-turn across Clinton Keith, ending up heading east. 

Those of us on the southern sidewalk thought the careening Honda was going to come up over the curb.

Thankfully he maintained control of his car as he turned right onto Hidden Springs, parked his car and headed for the group that was mostly women and children with a smattering of men over 50.

I got a bit of video of the guy (link below) and my favorite thing that he said was when he claimed it was illegal for people to take video of him in a public place.

The head of the group had dealt with hotheads before and immediately called 911. Within minutes an officer showed up. 

In the video link below you'll get a feel of the horn honking, the signs, a bit of the Hillary supporter that went off and then one comment from a Trump supporter. 

It would have been great to have video taped the whole thing, but that would be boring to watch. 

One thing I noticed was Murrieta city councilman Harry Ramos had a sign right where the action was at. I'll take it that he's a supporter too. 
Dude, get your stupid signs out of our city.

We know that in addition to Ramos' actions that cost Murrieta $99K in a settlement, he thinks putting election signs in the WRONG city is a good idea too. 

Also there is the story about how he is a trash can scofflaw refusing to follow the city codes for such things. I'm not sure that I'd be trusting this guy's judgement if I were a Murrieta voter. 

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  1. With the city of wildoslavia's proclamation "The gateway to the Santa Rosa Plateau in Southwest Riverside County", (the banner slogan) found on its parks website, @, what better place to put a campaign sign. In order to get there travelling on Clinton Keith Rd. you pass through one of the wealthier areas of Murrieta, a portion of which, Bear Creek, used to be a part of this community. Also, he was duly elected unlike in some other towns.

  2. FYI it's Wildomar....just to be factually accurate. And I'll bite at the snide innuendo - who are you referring to that was not duly elected?(bearing in mind the definition of duly )

    1. My guess is he's talking about Bridgette Moore. Though it was explained by the city clerk, Debbie Lee, that she was indeed, duly elected.

      Debbie Lee's comments were recorded in the blog below.

    2. I think you are right. I think some people need to understand definitions and how to separate facts from opinions....

  3. Harry Ramos has his signs all over Wildomar. Doesn't he realize he's advertising in the wrong city?
    Please have Wildomar staff pick up his signs and send him the bill!


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