Sunday, December 11, 2016

• Christmas Concert At California Lutheran High School

What a delightful hour was had by those that attended the Christmas Concert entitled: The Beautiful King

Though I live in Windsong Valley, and can see the lights of their football field with ease from my house, I'd never been on the school's campus before. 

The concert was held in a converted gymnasium/multipurpose room, with rows of chairs sitting on a covered basketball court. 

There were three different music styles

First, choir; second, handbells; third, was a rock band (known as the Worship Band). 

There were some new songs (or at least new to me) and there were some traditional songs. 

My favorites included 
The whole program was good, but if a person is going to choose some favorites, tough choices have to be made. ☺

Below is a link to Joy To The World. My only complaint, if you could call it that, was that it ended too soon. I wanted at least another chorus or two. 

One thing I didn't understand was that there was no applause between songs (though there was at the conclusion of the program). I'm usually one of those early applauders, and wanted to start clapping several times; they were that entertaining. 
Though I'm not a churchgoer I still felt uplifted by the enthusiasm, and talent, of the singers. 

There was even a short sermon given by one of the school leaders which topped out at about five minute mark. I think if more preachers could find a way to make their point in that amount of time, more people would show up on Sundays... Jus' Sayin'. ☺

After the concert I went up to Principal Steve Rosenbaum, who happens to also be the choir director, and asked for some details about the music program at the school.

I learned that there are about 39 members of the choir, about 20 members in the handbell choir (two different groups), and the worship band has about 15 (also two different groups).

They started rehearsing for this concert back in August, and my esteem for them went up when I learned they only practice once a week (twice a week for the handbell choir). 

That's a lot to learn, and get right, at once a week intervals.

I had learned about this fantastic event while at the monthly Wildomar Chamber of Commerce breakfast. Part of the choir came and sang as the members were eating a bit of brekkie.

There was an invitation to all, and we were glad to put that in the calendar then and there. As did Wildomar Councilmember Marsha Swanson, also in attendance.

Merry Christmas to the Cal Lutheran High School singers, we really enjoyed the fruit of your labors.
•          •          •

There's nothing nicer than getting a round of applause for turning up for work. It's amazing! You start work, and people clap. Do you know what I mean? And then they stand up and clap at the end.

— James Corden

Wildomar Rap may not be able repeat the hand sitting next year if the concert is as good as this year's was.


  1. Thanks Joseph! We are so glad you enjoyed our concert on Sunday! We will have another Sacred Concert on April 9th and a Pops Concert in May. Please join us again!
    And just so you know, we hold our applause until the end of the concert out of respect and to give the Glory to God, although we are all proud of our students talents!
    Jennifer Elgin
    CLHS Development Secretary

    1. It was a great time indeed, and I suspected as much about the applause. :)


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