Tuesday, December 13, 2016

• Farewell To Bob Cashman

Tonight was an historic night in the city of Wildomar. 
The council chambers were decorated for Christmas as Bob Cashman sat at the dais for the final time.

Our first mayor, Bob Cashman, spent his last moments at the dais as a city council member of our fine city. He led the group in the pledge of allegiance, then made his way to the microphone in front of the audience.

This was a special city council meeting that only had two items of business. 

Bob's farewell speech, and the swearing in of Bridgette Moore and newly elected, Dustin Nigg.

I was asked to take video of Bob's speech. Below will be a link to the entire 45 minute talk.

He started off by joking, "I've prepared a very long speech." Well, I thought he was joking. 

I was prepared for about 15 minutes, with 20 minutes being tops. It lasted about 55 minutes and I think I got it all... thankfully I brought two cameras.☺

He gave a complete history lesson about his days in Wildomar. Many interesting facts about how Wildomar became a city, and how if the process had been started a few months sooner or later than it was, it would never have happened. 

In the audience were the surviving members of the WIN committee (Wildomar Incorporation Now) and even the previous county supervisor, Bob Buster, was in tow.
WIN Committee 2016. WIN stands for Wildomar Incorporation Now.

Once that was concluded, it was time to swear in new Councilmember Dustin Nigg. 

He was there with his family and friends. Afterward he gave a very classy nod to Bob Cashman for all he'd done for Wildomar. 

"I'd like to give Bob a round of applause. Seriously, the work he's done since '78 is astronomical and I thank you for your service, and I would not be where I'm at right now if it wasn't for you. So, thank you."
—Dustin Nigg, December 12, 2016
A moment later saw Bridgette Moore take the oath of office for the third time, at her side was her husband Stewart. 

"To my right is my husband Stewart, because without him —really, I could not do this, because I am away from the family and home a lot. If I did not have his support... I wouldn't be able to do this."
—Bridgette Moore, December 12, 2016

Now with all the easy stuff out of the way, time to tackle some fun issues... next on the city council agenda: 3.1 Urgency Ordinance - Temporary Restrictions and Regulations on Non-medical Marijuana Facilities and Private Marijuana Cultivation.

•          •          •

“No one ever complains about a speech being too short!” 

— Ira Hayes, 1923-1955

Wildomar Rap thanks Bob Cashman for his dedication to Wildomar, and the several pleasant conversations over the years.

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  1. Is there a deck of cards with the WIN members on it.


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