Friday, February 10, 2017

• Local Charity Receives Recognition From State Representative

Caring Hearts for Community & Veterans Receive Recognition From Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez

Below is a video of the Power to the People award presentation to Tim Underdown and  Isabella "Ina" Schieffer, for the nonprofit group's work assisting over 50 families with their Christmas Basket program. 

A closeup look at the award.

While I was at the Assemblywoman's Community Coffee I checked something off my to-do list. 

In a previous blog covering a similar community event (link to the blog) I was asked about a quote I attributed to the Assemblywoman. (It was a hearty back and forth with John Garret, which can be viewed at the bottom of the blog mentioned).

She introduced a bill (AB 27) to have all rape classified as a violent felony. The question was asked from the audience, "Who would be against such a bill that would make all rape a violent felony?"

I reported her response as "The ACLU."

I couldn't find the quote on the recording so I told him I'd ask her next time I saw her.  

Yep, that was the original answer as you'll hear for yourself if you elect to listen to the audio.

In addition to the question and answer, I also commented that I thought she was a classy person, and though I'm an independent and probably disagree with most of her positions on the social issues, I'd always vote for her since she represents the people so well.

Anyway... the audio is below.

She is truly a dedicated public servant, and there were many people with opposing viewpoints that asked tough questions and were given complete respect by Melendez and the audience.

I suggest that you sign up for her email blasts, which also mentions when and where the various community coffees will be. 

Her other contact information.

Capitol Office

State Capitol, Suite #6031
Sacramento, CA 94249-0067
(916) 319-2067
(916) 319-2167 fax
Sam K. Spencer- Chief of Staff
Donda Scholl- Scheduler
Samantha Henson- Legislative Aide


41391 Kalmia Street, Suite #220
Murrieta, CA 92562
951-894-5053 fax
Deni Horne- District Director
Branden Webb- Field Representative

•          •          •

"Convictions must be reevaluated under the light of new reality."
– E.G. Marshall (CBSRMT) 1914-1998

Wildomar Rap isn't into tenaciously clinging to convictions/beliefs just because they were handed to you by your parents.

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