Saturday, February 11, 2017

• City Manager Report: Bundy Canyon and Storm Damage

The February City Manager Report, at the end of the most recent city council meeting, (handled by the Assistant City Manager Dan York as Wildomar City Manager Gary Nordquist was at an out of town city managers conference) had a couple of items that I thought were worthy of a stand alone blog. 

Namely an update on construction plans for Bundy Canyon and an update on recent storm damage. 

A lot of numbers, acronyms and other jargon were tossed out when discussing Bundy Canyon's future.

The key notes I got from it include:
• Bundy Canyon is currently slated, by the city, to be a six lane road, but could be reduced to four lanes based on a recent report.

• The project planning is currently at 65% completion.
• The current project is about $32,000,000 to complete. 
• They're looking at various options: Building only "the most important part" (through the curve near Tulip St) for a cost of about $15,000,000 for a four lane road.
• Staff is trying to figure out how to build a $32,000,000 project. We can't do it immediately.
• Possibly build a four lane "facility" from Cherry to Monte Vista. It would include traffic signals at Monte Vista, and at Sellers. Walmart is conditioned to build additional lanes (if they ever get past the court challenges).
• The project is slated to come back to the council in May.

Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit asked a couple of questions but it was difficult to follow. Watch the video and see if you fare any better than I did with understanding the answers.

This wasn't the easiest to follow, and I'm sure that if you were casually chatting with Dan York he'd give you a less circuitous response to: What's up with Bundy Canyon?

My takeaway from this was: Don't expect any improvements on Bundy Canyon in the 2017 calendar year.

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Below is a five minute video, including a slide show of road damages. The sinkhole on Grand (at Tranquil) is going to be a headache for the city, as are a few other spots.

Current estimates to fix the damage run past $175,000 for 109 incident locations.

So far Riverside County remains one of only a handful of counties in the state that didn't get disaster relief status due to the storms. (I'm sure partisan politics couldn't have anything to do with it... right Jerry?)

Riverside County added to governor's emergency declaration for storm relief


Please be patient while out driving in areas with known road issues. There are a lot of main roads that are in bad shape and there aren't any scheduled repaving jobs that I'm aware of. That's not to say potholes won't be filled, they will be as they crop up.

It's a money thing, and the entire state has watched the siphoning off of road repair money by Sacramento for pet projects. Now they're looking to raise taxes to pay for roads... who'd a thunk it? 

We already pay such taxes, but too much of them get spent elsewhere. Why should I think any new road repair taxes wouldn't get the same treatment?

I'm sure glad they've got their priorities straight, and are trying to make us a sanctuary state (cough), instead of actually doing what they were elected to do in the first place: maintain order and safety for the residents. 

I guess that can be open for interpretation. Whereas most people would think that means taking care of the basics first and foremost, many of them think it means social engineering.

So the next time you're on Grand, Central/Baxter, Bundy Canyon, Lemon and other places in need, and it feels like you're off-roading... before hurling that verbal grenade at one of Wildomar's city council members, or city staff, take your proper aim at the single party rule up in Sacramento. 

If they have their way, we may end up losing a ton of federal funds over their new top priority (stopping President Trump).
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"Business is like any other war. The enlisted men kill each other and the generals have a drink together afterwards."
EG Marshall (CBSRMT) 1914-1998

Wildomar Rap suggests aiming to be an order giver instead of an order taker.


  1. One has to wonder about the truth sometimes. I attended the last Riverside County Flood Control Workshop where the Principal and Facilities manager discussed the improvements at Lake Elsinore High School and how the district had just spent $100,000 to clean out sediment from the drainage system only to have it refill after one storm because neither the city or county flood has done anything to mitigate upstream flows. If I remember correctly the city allowed the gas station on the eastside of the freeway to divert waters that ultimately flow through the school before entering the retention basins next to the station.

    1. Not sure how to classify it, but I wasn't a big fan of labored discussion in the report. I get it, public officials have to be very careful with what they say and how they say it, but when you call a road a "facility" I think the shark was just jumped... even if it's still "truth" when parsed out.

      That said, there will never be a time that regular maintenance won't need to be applied to the various waterways in and around Wildomar. Storms will come and leave sediment.


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