Saturday, February 11, 2017

• Original Christmas Tree Lane Bids Farewell

After nine years of raising money for local youth programs, Original Christmas Tree Lane (OCTL) is forced to close its doors.

Not to be confused by the Christmas Tree Lane that is held at the Elks. OCTL is the one that has been at the Lake Elsinore Outlet Center the last several years.

The ribbon cutting for last year's event. Who knew it would be their last. At the microphone is Glenn Copple, and with the scissors on the right is Betty Copple; the heart and soul of OCTL.

They received a notice from the California Department of Justice informing them that they were "operating an illegal charity."

The state requires a charity to register ($), have an article of incorporation ($$), have a 501c3 tax ID number ($$$), have a bookkeeper and a lawyer ($$$$).

They were out of compliance and due to the heavy financial burden of the requirements, they've decided to terminate their yearly charitable event.

In the press release by the OCTL committee, it states that they do understand the needs for such requirements for statewide non-profit organizations. "I'm sure there that there are some out there that need to be accountable."

To be sure, ALL such charities/non-profits need to be held accountable

Unfortunately there are countless examples of people running fraudulent enterprises under the banner of "charity" or "non-profit." That's why onerous safeguards have been put in place... too many shady people were taking advantage of other people's generosity.

Sadly, that means a lot of overhead for legitimate charities/non-profits. Often making the entire endeavor no longer worth the effort. 

Over the years OTCL has raised nearly $125,000, which they've distributed to various youth organizations. 
This year alone they've contributed enough to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) so that 15 EHS students could participate in the three day event up at Crestline (costing about $350 per student).
At the bottom of the press release they talk about having "one big yard sale with all the proceeds going to our local youth." (no dates have been set)
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