Saturday, May 27, 2017

• 2017 Veterans Service Awards

The Corporate Room in Wildomar was the site of State Senator Jeff Stone's, 2017 Veterans Service Awards. 
Senator Stone speaking to local veterans.

A nice breakfast followed the Star Spangled Banner, flag salute, and opening prayer before the Senator said a few words honoring the six veterans. Not just for serving our country in uniform, but also for their service to the communities their part of.

"The reason why we started this, when I got elected, was because I think that Memorial Day has been too commercialized. People think it's time to go the malls, to the sales, and I want young people to know that the freedoms and liberties that we all cherish came at a great price, and still continues to be at a great price. 

This is what I think is a microcosm of what we should be doing throughout not only California but throughout the United States. Taking the time to thank those veterans and also to recognize those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, so that we can stand here and be here today, and for that, I am grateful."

Senator Jeff Stone

Each honoree was brought up to the stage to receive an award, say a few words and get a picture taken... other than Harold Herron of Murrieta that is. He's 90 years old, and Senator Stone went down to his table to present the award. There was a lot of applause at this event, and a standing ovation or two, too.
Senator Stone (in the American Flag shirt) is surrounded by the six honored veterans.

In order of recognition were
  • Master Sgt. Robert Blanton, USMC
  • Capt. Bradley S. Burris, US Navy
  • Chief Master Sgt. Jeffrey Dodson, USAF
  • Seaman First Class Harold Herren, US Navy
  • Lt. Col. Kenneth (Paul) LeGrice, US Army
  • LCpl. David Poplin, USMC 
Also in attendance were Lake Elsinore city council member Brian Tisdale, Murrieta Mayor Pro Tem Jonathan Ingram, and Wildomar's own Bridgette Moore. They all spoke for a few moments, giving honor to the veterans and active servicemen that were in the room.
A patriotically decked out Senator Jeff Stone watches as Bridgette Moore says a few words.

Being at such an event really gives one pause to reflect. Especially those of us that didn't serve, and really didn't appreciate the significance when we younger.
Wildomar's VFW post 1508, was well represented.

Which leads me to remind you of the annual Memorial Day event at the Wildomar Cemetery. It begins at 10:00am, and it will last about an hour. If you're in town on Monday, be sure to come by to pay your respects to those that risked it all so that we could be (and remain) a free nation.

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A man's country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle; and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.
– George William Curtis (1824-1892)

Wildomar Rap is awed to be among so many patriotic Americans.

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  1. The precursor involved with Veterans Day became Armistice Day, expressed by U.S.


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