Thursday, May 25, 2017

• New Bike Park

Two years ago Lake Elsinore built Wildomar a skateboard park, and this year they built us a pretty unique bicycle/scooter track, added a basketball court and a dog park too. Thanks LE!!! ☺
LE Storm's mascot Thunder, 
Ok, just having some fun here. 

They'll tell you that the park is theirs, but according to the map, it's just on the other side of Corydon, at Palomar.
The park starts at the intersection of Corydon and Palomar heading north.

While it is indeed within the city limits of Lake Elsinore, it's closer to W'mar than Elsinore proper, so we'll let them think it's theirs, while we go over and use it.
2017 Lake Elsinore Bob Magee giving the dedication speech.

After the formalities were over, I caught up with Mayor Bob Magee and asked him for his thoughts about the new additions to the park.
It's been a long time coming. The first residents here (referring to the neighborhood across the street to the west) bought homes back in the 1984, and they expected things a lot sooner.

We have worked diligently to improve this linear park, to add more features and more property to it. 

(Motioning to the north) You see our tennis court at the far end, we put in a permanent bathroom facility, we've got the skate park, with [a] shaded structure now and seats. 

We've got a basketball court, we've got jungle gyms down there, and now the bicycle track, they also use with scooters. And then we have a dog park [here], the fourth dog park in our city.

Ten years ago we didn't have a single dog park in our city, now we have four with a fifth under construction. 

(Pointing to the east) The idea down here, on the acre that we have here on the slope, is to do a fitness track with obstacles and a running course. That way, you can drop your kids off —they can be down here (at the bike track or skateboard area), dogs can be in [their] park, and you can be down there exercising. You get everything done in one hour.

2017 Lake Elsinore Mayor Bob Magee
My response to his vision was, "That's awesome." 

LE Councilmember Natasha Johnson readies the scissors on the ribbon.
The dog park has two fenced areas. One for small breed dogs, the other for larger breed dogs. The line is at 30 pounds, but if I were to go, I'd be putting my overweight pooches into the small breed area anyway. They're not fat, they're just big boned.
A look at the two signs that divide the dog park.

A set of very inviting basketball half-courts.

This is the area that will eventually become a workout area.

LE Councilmember Natasha Johnson took a lap around the track. She made it without crashing, though she did appear to be a bit wobbly at times. Being over 18, she wasn't legally required to wear a helmet, but I'm thinking it may have been a nice chance at role modeling. ☺

LE councilmember Steve Manos took a couple of test laps. At times traffic jams built up behind him. He'd have worn a helmet, but then it might have messed up that great hair of his. ☺
What the kids from my generation, back in the '70s, would't have done to have such a great park. 

Seriously, our version of motocross tracks were either jumping the lip of a driveway or setting up homemade ramps with planks elevated by a green Coleman cooler.
Ah the memories of the near misses.
Way to go Lake Elsinore city council. The kids will really enjoy this new jewel in your city.

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Toleration is the greatest gift of the mind; it requires the same effort of the brain that it takes to balance oneself on a bicycle. – Helen Keller

With all do respect, Wildomar Rap would love to see some pictures of Ms. Keller on a bike.

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