Monday, August 21, 2017

• Solar Eclipse, Wildo-style

A fun morning at Marna O'Brien park as the onlookers shared the partial eclipse together. Here are some pics to get a feel of the day.

Local astronomy buff John Garrett starting setting up his solar-safe telescopes around 8:00 in the morning for the long anticipated astronomical event. 

Reminder: on September 23rd John will be hosting Astronomy Night at Marna O'Brien park. They're always fun events so be sure to add it to your calendar now.
John Garret addressing the crowd as Daniel Torres (L) and Richard Deskin (R) look on.
Periodically he'd address the crowd, reminding them to be safe and the best ways to view the eclipse.
This family came with eclipse shirts.

The lines were constant, but moved quickly.
This mom is helping her son see the eclipse.

The crowd was estimated to be between 100 and 140 people there. Pretty impressive number considering it was a Monday morning while school was in session.
A look at part of the crowd from about 60 feet in the air and 100 feet away.
People of all ages took turns looking through special glasses or telescopes equipped with the proper filters to allow for safe viewing.
Wildomar Mayor Tim Walker gets a gander of the eclipse through special glasses.
Seeing is believing.
Oohs and ahhs.
Many people tried to take photos with their phones through the filters. 
One of several telescopes that were set up for the public to look through.
The one I took wasn't all that impressive.
There were other ways to view the moon passing in front of the Sun besides the special glasses or the telescopes. Such devices ranged from store bought items, homemade viewers, all the way down to your own hands.
This is my favorite photo of the day.

I wasn't sure what was happening here, but know it was another viewing strategy. ☺
Mayor Tim Walker thanked the crowd for coming out and invited them all back to the park on Saturday, September 9th, for a free concert in the park. 

Come on out for the last hurrah of Summer 2017, before the holiday season starts up.
 •          •          •

Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.
– Samuel Smiles

Burden or no burden, Wildomar Rap isn't like the sun, so don't expect assistance in photosynthesis just because you read it.


  1. I agree with your choice of favorite photo. Thanks for being there.

    1. It's always a good time when you're hosting an event. Thanks for doing it.

  2. thanks for getting me in there, lol


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