Wednesday, September 6, 2017

• Planning Commission Meeting September 2017

A very short Planning Commission meeting which only had a couple of real bits of business to attend to: extending the time for two approved projects and electing new commission officers.

I can't believe it's already been three years since I blogged about Rancon's 11.62 acre, 13 parcel, 96,240sf medical, office and retail project located at the southwest corner of Clinton Keith Road and Elizabeth Lane.

They asked for, and received, an additional year for their project. Don't be surprised if this happens again next year too.

What's the hold up fellas?

It's been three years, and the economy is doing fine and can't be used as an excuse for foot dragging here.

I sure would like to see that area developed, but if they're not in a rush, why should the rest of us be? It's their money.

There was a second such EOT (Extension of Time) for an already approved project. 

The Oak Springs Ranch residential project consists of about 312 apartment units (already built & occupied), 103 single family lots (currently undeveloped) and an open space lot for trail and drainage purposes. This time extension request represents the first of 5 possible time extensions.

The tract map was first approved by Riverside County Board of Supervisors on November 20, 2007 for the subdivision of approximately 48.5 into 106 parcels.

I can't imagine what these people are waiting for... another downturn in the economy or something?
For reference, the orange star is where city hall is.

With the passing of Commissioner Stan Smith last month, that opened the Chairman's seat. 

It was a natural choice to select Vice-Chair John Lloyd. He was nominated by Commissioner Kim Strong, and his nomination was seconded by Michele Thomas. He was elected by a 4-0 vote.

The Vice Chair was a unanimous choice for Michele Thomas. Her nomination was made by Kim Strong and seconded by Veronica Langworthy.

John Lloyd was quoted as saying, "I for one would like to thank you for voting me in, but I'm kind of worried because I have big shoes to fill here. Stan will definitely be missed."

The meeting was adjourned in memory of former PC Chairman Stan Smith.

(It was also heard that Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit will likely appoint a new planning commissioner at the next city council meeting.)

Next planning commission meeting is set for October 4th.

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