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• Planning Commission Meeting October 2017

Nothing earth shattering came out of this meeting, mostly just requests for extensions of time on already approved projects. However, item 3.2 was the most interesting and I'll detail it further down in the blog.

Recapping the notables.

Public  Comments on non agenda items.

• Ken Mayes reprised his request for city meetings to be live streamed, but of course, being reasonable is never enough with him, so he added in the following to keep his rep at the high caliber (cough) that we've all become inured to with the following quote.

"I'd like to sit at home with a nice, big, fat doobie watching the meetings."
Hmmm... live streaming of city meetings is all it'll take to keep Ol' Kenny A-Mayes-ing at home? 

Something to give some serious consideration to. 

Though, we all know he'd never actually stay home, giving up his regular opportunity to pontificate to a captive audience... still, it's worth a shot.
Item 2.1 Change of Zone 

If you know the area, this is a no brainer if ever there was one. 
The house sits on 1 ¾ acres right on Clinton Keith.
The house in question was built in the 1970's and the owner wanted to change the zoning to fit the General Plan. 

It's been designated as commercial retail for as long as the GP has existed. Let's be real for a sec, few people would want to live that close to businesses and right on the busiest street in the city anyway. 
A look at the house from Google Maps. 
The problem with an agenda item that is normally a "no-brainer", when Miss Miller is around, is that sparks are likely to fly anyway. 

I've included the video of her off topic rant as a cautionary tale to those that might feel the urge to spout off about something that they're completely unprepared for.

Miss Miller, this was just a request to change the zoning to match the general plan. No one is seeking to do anything more with it at this time, and it is ACROSS THE STREET from Renaissance Plaza, not in it.

Item 3.2
This was a GPIP. 

What's a GPIP you're asking?
It's asking for input on the suggestion of a request for a General Plan Amendment. (Dizzying, I know.) 

A couple of years back I made a 4 panel cartoon trying to illustrate it. Allow me to dust it off and use it here.
Key: Mario represents the developer in this example.
In my experience, a GPIP is generally only done when the developer knows he's begging.
I'll add the video, though it really has no lasting value. I've seen a lot of people go through the process over the years with nothing to show for it.

I wasn't all that impressed with the developer's presentation or his way of trying to convince the people of Wildomar that this was in our best interest.

Not only was the project a horrible suggestion, adding another 364 apartments to an area that is already waterlogged with apartments, but his approach came off as if he was the only smart guy in the room. Though delivered in low key manner.
This graphic shows where there are already 1600 apartments in 1800 foot radius of the site.
Either already built, or already approved.
The highlights of this item included:
Public Comments

• Ken Mayes talked about the benefits of local business parks and the impacts on traffic with the addition of 364 Apartments and concern about how the fire department would deal with a fire if they were to be three story units. (his part begins at 11:30)
• Joseph Morabito reminded the commissioners that at least one of the city council members frowns on this kind of GPA, as attested to by her comments during the City Council meeting where the Camelia Townhouse project was hammered out. (His part picks up at the 13:00 minute mark)
• Miss Miller went bonkers discussing how everyone she talks to at shopping centers tell her that they're moving out of town. She invoked burrowing owls and the Stephens Kangaroo Rat, but lost me when she jumped over to sinkholes, earthquakes, birth control and a countdown to disaster. (Her part begins at the 16:30 mark of the video)

The commission discussion lead off with Chair John Lloyd going over why he's not in favor of converting more business park land to apartments, and Vice Chair Michele Thomas agreed with him.

Commissioner Veronica Langworthy hearkened back to a comment she'd made back in November 2013 (link to that blog) when she discussed her fondness for multi-use projects.

"We do want to encourage business in our area, if we don't have the land available for it and the development that occurs for it, it'll be done elsewhere.

I had mentioned a few years ago about mixed use [projects]. I'm a strong proponent of, kind of like, Little House on the Prairie where you have the Olsen's store downstairs and the people living upstairs."
Her comment in 2013 inspired me to create one of my earliest WR photoshop specials.
To each his own, but I don't see how such complexes, with owners living above their stores, works in practice in a place like 21st century Wildomar. 

Also, even if everyone was down with it, there would STILL need to be a General Plan Amendment because neither apartments, nor commercial retail (like the Olsen's store) are supposed to go into a business park, and that is what the General Plan Land Use Map calls for.

There were several comments from the developer that could be made into pull quotes, but why bother.

Like I said in my public comment, "if the council is as good as its word, as of just a few short months ago, it'll fly about as well as a dead cat bounces."

If this dead cat actually bounces back to life, then we can spend time itemizing the developer's comments. Until then, they are in the video below.

•                •                •

Personally, I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.
– Winston Chruchill

Wildomar Rap is always ready to teach, even when you don't want to be taught.

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