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• Better Know a Local Business: JustJan Art Studio

I just discovered a hidden gem in Wildomar, JustJan Art Studio.
A look at the studio from the outside and the sign on the gate letting you know that you're at the right place.
It started when I made a trip to Stater Brothers a week ago. I happened to park my car next to artist Jan Belliveau's car, which had a business card device attached to it... so naturally I took a card, and snapped a pic.
The yellow arrow is directing your attention to the business card holder.
I made arrangements to visit her studio and was just knocked off my feet with how cool it is. It's any artist's dream come true. 
This is just one of the four walls in the studio, and that's without showing you the supply area when you first enter that is almost like a little store you might come across if you could take a time machine back to the early '80s and land in Laguna Beach.
After I was done being gobsmacked, I transitioned from art guy (yes, I'm a an artist too — stop rolling your eyes) to blogger guy and asked her about her craft.

 WR  How long have you been teaching art?
 Jan  I've been here (SoCal) since 2000; in this building since 2012. I had the Painting Goose in Temecula for five years. I had a partner and we decided to close once the recession hit, people needed pork chops more than they needed painting. All together, counting [my years in] New Jersey, about thirty years.

 WR  How long have you in Wildomar?
 Jan  I've been in Wildomar since 2009. I was in Murrieta, I came here from New Jersey in 1999.
The art on the wall has been done by Jan, though there are some that are by her grandson.
 WR  When are your classes?
 Jan  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9:30am to 12:30pm. Wednesday afternoon from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. I've done classes other times when a group of people want to come and paint. 

 WR  What's the youngest students you take?
 Jan  If you have a child that has tolerance for [a three hour class, that would be ok]. I had a girl during the Summer that was 12 going on 13 and she was amazing... amazing, amazing. She loved to paint. She painted with me all Summer. As long as you can sit and take instruction and not be playing on your phone...

 WR Quick Translation  
(In short, it depends on the child. It's not a place for babysitting.) ☺
Here you see the work of a student (flat on the table) and the painting that is being used as inspiration on the table easel.
 WR  How much do lessons cost?
 Jan  Twenty dollars for three hours, plus your supplies. Unless you have supplies at home, of course you're welcome to bring them. I have five basic brushes that people to buy, and I try to stock inexpensive brushes —because you don't [always] know if you want to be here or be bowling. 

The brushes are $3.99, so you can't really go wrong with that. The five brushes cost you around twenty bucks. I have canvasses that are only five bucks. I have a lot of retired people that are on social security, and anybody, they don't need to spend a lot of money. 

We have fun, that's the whole point. You're not going to go out with a degree from here. It's not going to put any extra money in your paycheck, but it might get your paycheck out of your mind (said with a grin and an inviting chuckle), it's very relaxing.
Jan was telling me that she loves lighthouses.
 WR  What is the typical lesson like?
 Jan  It's funny, because if a man comes in, he may not want to do flowers. So I wing it when that happens. If you've never painted before, I start you with a beginner piece, a starter piece; which is a basket of flowers. In that basket of flowers it teachers you all the different techniques that you're going to use to do any [one of the other paintings you see on the wall].

 WR  What's the best way to contact you about getting a lesson?
 Jan  By phone or by email. 

All Jan's contact info will be at the bottom of the blog, but first I have to tell about a fun surprise that happened while my wife Grace and I were in her studio.
Grace Morabito and Jan Belliveau, student and teacher.
It turns out that Grace had taken several lessons at the Painting Goose, long ago... and she had borrowed a Christmas angel, but then wasn't able to take another lesson while still in possession of it. 
Here is the piece that Grace has been holding onto for years and years, hoping to be able to return it. Soon she'll be able to get that one off her bucket list. ☺ 
She's been holding onto Jan's angel, hoping to one day be able to return it to her. The big smiles on their faces were just a great thing to witness. It was a mini reunion of sorts.
That angel Grace is holding looks to fit somewhere into this manger scene.  
If you've been looking for a place to learn how to paint —or have been painting for many years but want to be in a small local class, that has a kind instructor, give Jan a call or drop her an email.

(909) 238-1970
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  1. What a near article! As a kid I did a lot of art work, and many people thought I was going to grow up to be an artist. Today, I can't draw or paint a straight line if my life depended on it. Yet my love for the craft still remains.

    1. Thanks. It's nice to be able to share positive stories with the community. I'm always on the lookout for more. :)


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