Saturday, April 28, 2018

• Spring Community Clean Up

Do you have bulky items that are too big for the regular trash? 

If you have a way to haul it down to one of the collection centers, you're in luck. One week from today, on May 5th, you'll be able to free yourself of it.
Based on past clean up days, you're better off getting their early... unless you like sitting in bumper to bumper trash traffic.
Be prepared to unload the trash yourself, or with your own conscripted crew. There won't be any paid staff on hand to do it for you.

Also, since our city is served by two different trash haulers, you need to go to the correct drop off site, and bring something that proves where you live. The trash bill seems to make the most sense to me.
West side of freeway
Elsinore High School

East side of freeway
←Ronald Reagan Elementary→
I saw the flyer posted on facebook, read about the hazardous waste exemptions, and then commented about the need to have a legal place to take such things.
Anyone else spot the typo?

If there isn't a legal place, then some unscrupulous people will create their own drop off points for hazardous waste.
Some of you may remember this image from February, where someone chose to dump many gallons of old motor oil right behind Ronald Reagan Elementary.
Less than a minute later there was a response from Wildomar's most engaged elected official, Bridgette Moore, with news that there is a place for both electronic and hazardous waste.
Even though the list doesn't mention 'nuclear waste' I'm thinking that isn't something most of us have at home anyway. As for the real things we end up with at home, like old paint, solvents and motor oil, this is a great thing to know about for those of us that don't want to pollute the environment. Last I checked, that website listed was a broken link that went nowhere.
I haven't changed the oil in my cars for a long time. That oil has probably been on that same shelf for at least 10 years.
There are quantity limits of how much hazardous waste you can take in at a time. It has to do with the state law regarding transporting such waste. 

The limit is 15 gallons or 125 pounds. I wonder how that works if the paint cans are mostly empty?
These old paint cans, most likely completely dry, have been on that shelf in my garage for more than 15 years. It may just be time to part with them... though, what will I put up there in their place?
Maybe in the future when there is a community clean up day the flyer can tell where the hazardous waste can be safely taken without someone having to ask.

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There's nothing wrong with being beautiful — to other people. It's when we start becoming beautiful to ourselves that we're in for trouble.

– EG Marshall (CBSRMT)

Wildomar Rap is only beautiful to other people. It only takes one look and you'll draw the same conclusion.

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