Thursday, September 13, 2018

• Neighborhood Watch Windsong Valley

A beautiful late Summer evening at Windsong Park was the backdrop for a Neighborhood Watch meeting that had more than 50 interested people in attendance.
The crowd as it looked a few minutes after 6:00pm.
Officer Baca is seen in the middle of the photo, as she addressed the crowd.
People began arriving as early as 5:30pm for a meeting that started at 6:00pm. It was a time to meet people from the neighborhood and surrounding areas before the meeting began.
Link to Windsong Valley Neighborhood Watch FB page.
If you're not a member, be sure to join.
Joseph Morabito (Wildomar Rap guy) welcomed the crowd and thanked people for coming, then gave a brief introduction of what the objective of the meeting was before turning it over to Officer Roxann Baca.
Joseph Morabito at the microphone, with Deputies Kramer and Beaudet and Officer Baca.
She went over the basics of how to have a successful Neighborhood Watch program. Many of the ideas were basic common sense. Things like, don't make yourself a target for thieves. Lock your doors. Report suspicious activities to the police, not just to Facebook. 
A look from another angle.
Officer Kramer went over some crime stats that applied to the Windsong Valley area, and then answered various questions from those in attendance. He suggested that people "Be a good witness" by having detailed descriptions ready when calling the police about a possible crime.

The meeting lasted past 7:15pm when the sky was nearly dark. It was a good first meeting, and the officers work to get things off to a good start was appreciated by those that came out.
Another look at the setting.
To make any Neighborhood Watch program a success will take more than just an initial meeting, it'll take diligent participation by several members of the community. 
Officer Baca reminded residents that there is an upcoming meeting at city hall on the 25th.
Below is a video link to the meeting. It's quite long, but some people may be interested in it. 

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“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”
– Abraham Lincoln

Wildomar Rap wonders if Honest Abe had many frenemies.
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