Saturday, September 8, 2018

• Ribbon Cutting For Grand Avenue Multi-Purpose Trail

Though it's been finished for awhile, the Grand Avenue Multi-Purpose Trail was dedicated today. A modest crowd was on hand to hear Mayor Ben Benoit speak about how the trail came about.
Mayor Ben Benoit addresses those in attendance as we take in the beautiful views from the upper part of this future park; just look at that horizon. 
The Mayor pointed out,"Now we look down Grand Avenue and we have a bike lane on each side, and a beautiful separated trail."
Location of yet to be named park. It's just to the south of David A. Brown Middle School, and sits on 11 acres.
The yellow star denotes the location of the ceremony.
Mayor Benoit spoke highly about Assistant City Manager Dan York, and his many year's worth of efforts on this project. 
Dan York, key figure behind the Grand Ave Multi-Use Trails.
Not only did he find the funding for this project (which didn't come from the general budget, but from grants from outside agencies), but he basically oversaw the design too.
Smiling for the camera just before the ribbon cutting.
In the end, the project had a $5M price tag, of which $4.3M was paid for with grants. If you've driven down Grand from the middle school to Clinton Keith, you can see where the shortfall came. The parts that still need repaving remain on the drawing board, waiting for future funding.

Link to Blog showing most of the trail before the ropes were added to the rails back at the end of January.

After the ribbon cutting, there was time to look at some concept drawings of what the future park could look like before the official "first bike ride".
Councilmember Bridgette Moore speaks to a resident about one of the park designs. 
Concept A, which was revealed today, has parking on Leslie St.
Concept B has it along Grand Ave.
At about 9:00am, the group of bike riders headed out for an 8 mile trek. I have a bike, but it wouldn't fit into my Honda Fit. (apparently the name of the car is just a suggestion ☺)
City Manager Gary Nordquist takes some photos as the flock of riders embarks.
(I'm sticking with "flock" until the proper noun comes to me)
As the event wrapt up, it was already getting hot and my 100spf sunscreen was starting to yield under the pressure; today is supposed to be close to 105.

For more about this project, follow the "Wildomar Multi-Purpose Trail" tag at the bottom of the blog.

It'll start to cool down in time for tonight's Music and Movie in the park. Hope to see you at Marna O'Brien Park tonight.
Looks to be a great evening.
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