Thursday, September 6, 2018

• Planning Commission Meeting September 2018

No projects were discussed at the September planning commission meeting. Instead it was a workshop, open to the public, dealing with commercial design guidelines.

The meeting lasted about an hour and was broken into three parts. The first part was an introduction by Karen Gulley of Placeworks, where several different architectural styles were talked about.
Karen Gulley points to the different Craftsman styles as
the commission and members of the public look on.
Next was the "workshop" portion where the planning commissioners and the public were invited to place colored dots next to styles they thought worked well in Wildomar. 

After attending several of these workshops over the years, I'm starting to want a red dot that would represent things that aren't liked... seems more expedient to me.

Once the dots were placed and opinions had been shared, Karen went to the easils one at a time and asked for specific input on each. 

The main architecture styles considered were Victorian, Mission, Neoclassical, Craftsman and Rustic Modern.

The general consensus was that the Mission style (think of San Juan Capistrano with red tile roofs) didn't really fit here, though elements of such did (shade structures like arcades, trellises and awnings)
This style works in SoCal, but not so much in Wildomar.
The same held true when it came to Victorian styled buildings, most didn't want that style here.
A great look for the right type of town, but not well suited for Wildomar. 
Neoclassical didn't feel like Wildomar either, though one of the images displayed did have certain appeal (see image below)
The lines on these buildings are fine, but really look out of place in our city.
Many in attendance did like elements of the one in the lower right hand corner.
That left Craftsman and Rustic Modern as the prevailing styles that met with the most approval. I was chatting with a resident from The Farm, Arrin Banks, and we both tended to agree that those two styles made the best fit in Wildomar. 
This style is similar to The Barn, which completed its makeover last year.
This look is seen in many places in Wildomar. The Stater Brothers is one example.
From there, those in attendance went back to their seats and the meeting resumed. It was established that Placeworks would be ready with updated displays based on the input they'd gotten by the November planning commission meeting.

The next two planning commission meetings are set for October 3rd and November 7th. There are several projects that will be discussed at those, and on this workshop will [tentatively] return as part of the November meeting. 

If you have thoughts on commercial design standards, plan on attending the November meeting. Your input is encouraged.

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  1. A shame only ten residents were in attendance. Almost outnumbered by staff

    1. I agree that it's a shame, but it seems to be the norm here. Even when it has been regarding something more exciting (park development) the crowds are anemic.


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