Tuesday, October 9, 2018

• 2018 Candidates Forum

The 2018 Candidates Forum was presented by the Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce and the emcee was Gene Wunderlich. Since I was one of the three participants, it would be too self serving for me to try and break it down and pull a lot of quotes. 
A look at the audience from the dais.
Instead I'll be putting up the video of the event. It was about an hour and a half and started with opening statements followed by about a dozen questions.

I'll also created a few shorter videos that dealt with specific questions. 
  • Opening Statements
  • Measure AA
  • Homeless Issues
  • Prop 6
  • Commercial Uses for Cannabis
  • City Council Districts (which broke from format and had the candidates respond to each other) 
  • Closing Statements

Wildomar Rap retraction time

Side note on the cannabis issue. When I answered, I had said that my position was the same as Tim Walker's stated position, that I wanted the voters to decide (I have video of him saying he wanted it as a ballot measure). At the forum, he made it clear that he doesn't want it on the ballot. Maybe back in April he was just joking, my mistake.

Link to April video if you want more than the snippet above
If you are a voter, especially in District 3, I suggest that you watch the video(s) and decide who best represents you before you vote. 

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