Saturday, February 15, 2020

• City Council Meeting February 2020

The February city council meeting was three hours long. 
First up was the proclamation for Eagle Scout Troy Woodfin. 
Troy Woodfin is flanked by the city council and representatives from the offices of other local electeds.
Other presentations included an update from Donald Graham Elementary, what's going on at the old Jean Hayman Elementary campus, an introduction to the new principal at David A Brown Middle School, an update by SWAG, a police department update (full blog at this link), a code enforcement update and an Economic Development update. 

Sorry, but I'm not going to break those down. Please watch the video which is linked at the bottom of the blog.

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During public comments one especially stood out, partly because of the subject (another homeless encampment) and that resident Veronica Langworthy brilliantly offered her three minutes to speak when speaker Sheila Watson had run out of time.

She brought a signed petition by 31 of her neighbors

This subject is important to me, one of the things that I ran on was improved code enforcement, and I believe it is occuring. That doesn't mean it's a perfect model, as it's not something that can be switched on and off like a light.

Please don't hesitate to use the city page to report a code violation, but if nothing seems to be happening, email the city council members. If that doesn't do it, start attending city council meetings, and bring your neighbors until it's dealt with.

Our question to is, 'how unsafe does a situation have to become before the rights of vagrants no longer supercede the rights of the citizens of Wildomar?'
—Sheila Watson

As you'll see in the video, not long after the final syllables were leaving her mouth, Mayor Dustin Nigg asked a top staff member to meet with her outside so that she could be assisted. 
2.0 Wildomar Shooting Academy
The video below is NOT of the entire item. If you want that, please see the full item in the video. This 8 minute video is to highlight the developer's presentation along with the impressive 3d animation of what it will look like.
  The location of the shooting range/academy is at the southeast corner of Mission Trail and Bundy Canyon. 
Future home of Wildomar Shooting Range and Academy.
I'm very much in favor of it, and am hoping they start turning dirt before the end of the year... but no dates are even hinted at at this early stage in the process.

Here is a bonus video that came during public comments on the Wildomar Shooting Range/Academy portion of the meeting. It's Miss Miller giving her thoughts on it. 

I want to remind the readers that I was happy to accept her endorsement of my campaign back in 2018 (Thank You Again!)

For the record, the Press Enterprise endorsed the candidate that finished more than 15 points behind me. Which means Miss Miller ranks higher than PE in Wildomar. Stats don't lie! ☺

Item 3.1 WCE Update can be found at this LINK
Please watch the video below for the entire three hour meeting.

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“It is no use saying ‘we are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.”
– Winston Churchill

Wildomar Rap knows of many runners up that "did their best." Winners find a way to get things done.

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