Saturday, June 21, 2014

• Golden Torch Cactus

Have you noticed that some of the most intricate flowers come from cactuses errr I mean cacti?

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About ten years ago an older man in Dana Point had some cactus cuttings he was throwing away so I took them home instead. I planted them in pots and didn't really think much about them. They had generally been in shady areas and hardly grown much at all.

A couple of years ago I replanted some in larger containers and some directly into the ground and others were moved to the direct sun. Late in the next spring I saw them bloom the most remarkable flowers. One came out on Father's Day the other on 4th of July. It took a little googling to find the proper name, Golden Torch Cactus, but I found it. Though I still prefer to call them Father's Day Flowers. ☺

Watch the video I made of the flower blooming. It's time lapse from about 4:00pm  overnight until the next morning.

A few more pictures I've snapped of this beautiful flower.



  1. A most excellent job Joseph. The cacti around this valley are beautiful.

    1. Although it grows here very well, it's actually a native of Argentina & its surrounding areas. Joseph did do a great job of that time-lapse though! I've shared this / his post with several people since first finding it!

  2. As always very impressive! Your admiration of nature is quite evident. When you need a break from the Wildomar heat this summer come up to Pismo & cool off. Lots to video up here :)


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