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• Notes From the City Council Meeting September 10, 2014

Where to Start... how about at the beginning?
I got to the meeting about a half an hour before kickoff and saw Candidate Gary Andre chatting outside the back entrance with Les Chapman. I went up and joined the chat. I thought that Andre was there to attend the meeting... you know, because he's running to be part of the council and all... but I was wrong. He was there representing his homies, the AIPs (pronounced like the primate —APEs) with what's known as a "document dump".

The APES have spoken.
It seems that the Alliance for Irrepressive Pompous asses (I'm pretty sure that's what AIP stands for) threatened more legal action against the city, and since Candidate Andre still actually lives within our city, he drew the short straw to deliver it —last minute style per usual.

Actually, if it weren't for the APEs, and Miss Miller, this would have been a much shorter meeting, and I'd be telling you about the proposed widening of Bundy Canyon. Very exciting proposition, that every sane person in the area would be completely for.

I'd also be telling you about the Freedom Swing getting final approval with a ribbon cutting ceremony set for Saturday September 27th... and how the much maligned PV Maintenance (Needlessly castigated by Captain Caveman Zak) is donating the cost of installation of the swing.

Maybe I'd tell you about the fact that Ben Benoit and City Manager Gary Nordquist were asked to come to Sacramento by the governor's staff Friday (do I need to remind you about SB 69 and that we have been cheated out of what every other city gets?) I'm hoping they aren't asking our team to make the trip just so that they can extend their hand, then quickly withdraw while saying "Psych!"

The limp fish handshake is almost as bad as the psych version.

I'd be telling you about the slurry project that is coming to Windsong Valley later this month, or the new sidewalk coming to George Avenue

I could tell you about the Proclamation —Adult Literacy Awareness Month (September 2014) made by the council, and that we all met the new librarian for the Wildomar Library. She reminded us that she has a couple of more semesters until she can officially be called a librarian... thank goodness for bureaucratic red tape.

I could elaborate on how Bob Cashman didn't "get it" again when it comes to zoning and California law. In agenda item 1.11 and 1.12 he seems to want to continually rehash the whole MUPA (Mixed Use Planning Area) overlay scheme that all cities have to stomach. After seeing him do this several times, I'm nearly convinced that he is grandstanding for someone. Who, I can't even imagine.

But instead, most of the meeting was eaten up by lawsuit threats and Miss Miller doing her Vaudeville act —six times no less. I get it, they don't have lives, and they find it great sport to waste everyone's time, and the city's money, with their gags. Too bad they don't stick to things like hand buzzers, exploding cigars, whoopee cushions and squirting flowers like other oafs in their strata do.
Property of the Alliance.

The following video is of the city council discussing agenda item 3.2 Bundy Canyon Road Improvement Project Final EIR.

In this video you'll hear Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit discussing part of APE's problem with this project. Imagine it if you will, Gary Andre, and his out of town scabs, suggesting that this project be put off... or even cancelled altogether.

A project that was supposed to begin in 2008 —until the economy collapsed.

If that isn't comedy gold all by its lonesome, they are claiming that parts of the EIR, that are a whopping 4 years old, are TOO OLD to use. This is the same group that clings to an over sized scrapbook that a few people worked on before we were a city... and claim that we need to stick to the plans they made for us back then.

Ideas that some well intentioned citizens cobbled together can be timeless in their view, and above revision, but a professional EIR has a shorter shelf life than DeJong's chocolate milk in their world. I get it... they are slapstick clowns of the first order... too bad they are so incredibly tone deaf as to not get the message that NO ONE is entertained with their bucket of confetti level antics.

I like the way that Council Member Tim Walker didn't pull any punches when discussing the APEs. In the above video, his comments begin at the 10:30 mark. He talks about threatened lawsuits and document dumping while calling Gary Andre out by name.

Gary Andre Picks Up Key Endorsement
Candidate Andre had a banner night. First the Docu-Dump, next being mentioned —by name— from the dais multiple times, and then he picked up Miss Miller's endorsement. She spoke for more than 15 minutes cumulatively (just one song tonight).

I posted a video of her telling you who to vote for.

She did manage to mispronounce both Melissa Melendez's name along with that of Gary Andre. From now on, out of respect for Miss Miller's preferred pronunciation, his name is Gary Adee... as you'll see in my mock campaign ad. The second half of the video shows how far gone she is.

Sorry, but unless you are also a resident of Backward Land or Upside Down World, you pretty much can assume that anyone she is endorsing has something seriously wrong with them somewhere down the line.

Lastly, I finally got to meet Candidate Israel Leija. He looked a bit like a fish out of water. First time at a city council meeting and all... I hope to see him at the candidate's forum, though I was hearing he may not get out of work in time to attend it. I guess we'll see.

_ . _ —•—_ . _ —•—_ . _ —•—_ . _ —•—_ . _ —•—_ . _ —•—_ . _ —•—

Shake. Shake. Shake your sillies out.


  1. Bundy Canyon road widening project is set to give Wildomar false hope. This EIR that is in its final stages is for a 6 lane highway complete with curbs, gutters, drainage, and lastly wildlife crossings. What Wildomar will get is a four lane ribbon of death. Like Mission Trail before the powers that be will only spend what they have to in order to make people believe its all better. The reality is there will be only asphalt dikes to funnel water off the roadway into homes that will now be below the new grade of the roadway. There will be no bikeways, just no money for that extra asphalt, the wildlife corridors will be nothing more than drainage ditches under the road, despite the findings in Temecula that mountain lions will not cross under a roadway.
    Kenny Mayes

    1. Kenny,
      We were told last night that it is only going to be a 4 lane road. I wasn't here before Mission Trail was expanded. Are you suggesting that our community would be better served had it remained two lanes?

      As for "bikeways" I think bikes should be prohibited from major roads. We just drove Bundy Canyon last week, and I classify it in the same group as Ortega Highway. Only suicidal cyclists would consider using such routes.

      As for the mountain lions, I'm in the group that thinks they need to be removed from the area if they are still here.

      In your comment, I failed to detect a pro or a con side. Are you for the improvements, or against them?

    2. You were told its only going to be four lanes but the EIR is for 6 lanes with all the trimmings. Mission Trail was supposed to have all the trimmings as well. What we ended up with was 4 lanes with a suicide lane in some places not in others, curbs, no curbs, drainage which is basically cut outs in the asphalt curbs pouring water into people yards which ended being 6 feet below the roadway when before they were even with it as the roadway followed the natural terrain.
      You are in the group that feels mountain lions should be removed from the area whereas I'm in the group that feels people in tract homes should be removed from the area. I guess everybody has their feelings whether they make sense or not.
      Bikeways on major roadways is a part of being a sustainable community, its either that or a Class 1 Bikeway that is out of the roadway but with already approved development being allowed to have private trails along with private parks we would end up with Bikeways to nowhere, so we design them in now or we put them in later when it will be necessary to reduce the speed to accommodate them.
      Kenny Mayes
      I am for widening but only if its done extremely well.

    3. Kenny,
      Fair points. I agree, it has to be done well, I'll even say "extremely well" but not sure if that designation is like when a Sun Screen claims SPF 1000 when we've all been told there is no added value after 50.

      I think a safe passage for peds and bikes would be great along that route, but a traditional "bike lane" would simply add to the death stats of cyclists since it would give them a false sense of security on a road that is more like a highway. I've walked the loop from Marna back to Marna, by way of Palomar to Corydon to Mission Trail. Mission Trail is a scary place to walk. I can't imagine trying to ride a bike on the pavement, even with the new 3 foot law in place... but you're right, it's much easier and wiser to build them in to begin with rather than try and retrofit them years later.

      As for the mountain lions, I understand them being in Casper's Park, and though one kid was dragged off by the head twenty plus years ago, people chose/choose to hike and picnic in "their" backyard. As society continues to grow (blame the birds and the bees for that one) wildlife must retreat where humans have set up stakes.

  2. Nice post, and thank you, again, for making it easy for me to miss council meetings but still know what's going on. I'm not convinced widening Bundy will have a net benefit. I'll let evidence decide, but Bundy has the potential to draw a lot more traffic as a result of the widening. More people passing through at the expense of the current Wildomar residents and habitat of that area. I think the primary beneficiary of the widening may be Wall Mart.
    Also, regarding mountain lions, my hypothesis is that the network of corridors in this area are needed to sustain viable populations in our nearby Cleveland Forest, so saying "get them out of here" is like saying "get them out of the surrounding forest too". Just an hypothesis for now, and I hope to look into research on the local population.

    1. John,
      You've probably detected that I go overboard when making points... at times. :)
      I can easily sound like a mindless radical when I get into that mode.

      In the end I'm about balance, and when I speak to a person like you, well reasoned and poised, I respond in kind. When I come up against those that prefer bickering I find myself slipping to meet them on their level... or so I suggest. :)

      You've always been a pleasure to listen to, or read, even though we have many points we don't fully agree on.

  3. Bundy has a large amount of traffic, it will increase regardless of road improvements. To me the improvement of railroad canyon has been a positive thing. Bundy is a dangerous road the way it is now. If it turned out like railroad canyon I would consider it well done. As for whose benefit? Many residents use bundy as part of their daily commute. It would also benefit any businesses in our area that might like to draw in customers, which then benefits all of us by way of taxes.I think some in our town spend an inordinate amount if time complaining about things needing to get done and then complain when things get done but don't meet THEIR expectations. For those that persist in hating everything and finding fault no matter what(county or city they gripe), i(and many others) really would like you to move to Perfect town USA. If you can find it. Sheila

    1. I agree, it's dangerous, and that's why I almost never use it. I've only used it twice this year. Once to visit Oak Meadows Ranch, which is barely even halfway. The other was the other day when I took Grace to someplace in Mennifee called Five Guys. I'd never used Murrieta Road before and part of the reason is that Bundy Canyon isn't a great option. By the talk of some, they'd like to see it as small as Palomar is from Round Up to the cemetery. Sorry, but major roads need to be built to the level of traffic that uses them or blocked off from use. Next up on the "hit list" should be Grand from Corydon to Ortega Highway. That thing needs to be five lanes.

  4. How come all of the hullabaloo for bike lanes? Honestly I like them but many of those harping for them never ride a bike. And expecting us to switch to bikes while simultaneously fighting all commercial growth in our area is just backasswards. Sheila.

    1. To me, the only use for bike lanes in an area like that would be for hobbyists that love to wear the uniform like they are teammates with whoever Lance Armstrong's replacement is these days.

  5. Where can I get contact info for Gary Adee... I have to plan the staging for the forum for 7 people (Andre, Benoit, Lejia, Swanson, Walker, host Thomas) now? Who is getting the 6th podium, I need to call the school district and get a 7th mic set up as well... OMG the sky is falling LOL

    1. Careful, I hear getting bonked on the noggin by falling azure hurts like a real mother.

  6. You are only trying to slander Gary Andre because you know he's going to win one of those seats. We need more quality Wildomareans like Gary Andre and Miss Miller. They have proven over and over that they care for our town by putting in the time to know the issues. You and the rest of the city insiders could learn a thing or two from them and others that you are always talking down about.

    1. So what constitutes as being a city insider? Living in town and not somewhere else? Not constantly hating everything? Getting to understand all sides of the issues? Actually liking many of the folks connected to the city? Not filing lawsuits? Joseph makes a great point about why one document created by amateurs is treated as sacrosanct and should be good forever but eir's done by EXPERTS are garbage after a short while. Sheila

  7. I just watched the video. Cashman thinks that Bundy Canyon Road is a beautiful drive?

    1. I think there might be a quarter of a mile that is picturesque, but "beautiful"? I'm thinking that is a serious stretch, or he hasn't actually used that road since the early '70s.


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