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• Bridges endorses Cambero UPDATED

UPDATE below

Sometimes I don't know enough about a candidate and waiver about which way to vote. So I dig a bit deeper and I look for other things that might tip the balance.

EVMWD Board of Directors District 3's seat is up for grabs. I had a good conversation with George Cambero a couple of weeks back, and thought he made some strong points for his election. (You can read that blog here).

The incumbent, Judy Gugliemana, is supposed to get back to me this week for a Q&A session. I've chatted with both candidates, and like both of them. (You can read that blog here)

My wife likes to post Wildomar Rap over on the Patch website. Why, I can't imagine since it is a shell of what it used to be. It's basically in the MySpace phase of its existence, but she likes to post it, so it's cool by me. While over there, I noticed that my blog on George Cambero had a comment... so I went over to go see what it was.

Well, ok... looks like the kiss of death to me. Seriously, George, if you're good with Ms. Bridges' endorsement, then I'm thinking that many people will be reconsidering their vote on this. Just as I almost always vote against a bond, after her silly argument against Measure AA I'm no longer voting against it. I doubt that I'll vote for it, but I know I won't be opposing it.

Someone told me my approach is shortsighted. I then compared it to other things on the ballot that I might have been wavering on, and that a good deciding factor is who is for and who is against a proposition/measure/candidate.

If I see that the ACLU is for it, I know it isn't worth my vote. Same if it's being backed by public employee unions... in such a case, it'll be getting a NO vote from me (or at least an abstention). If I see that something is being backed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, I give it serious consideration. If I see it's from PETA, I know it needs to be voted down... and so the story goes.

I had been given a small little tidbit about a form that George filled out when registering his campaign with the county. He said he was running for district 5, but he actually meant district 3.

When I got the info, I thought it was funny, but along the same line that a former Wildomar Planning Commissioner didn't know something in his own neighborhood had already been built... two years earlier no less. And, more recently an end of the meeting misspeak by the mayor when she said she'd like to see street signs that pointed to the library.

Those signs were already there.

I don't find that kind of brain-fart reason to discount a candidate... same thing with the faux pas about George Cambero writing "district 5" when he meant "3". so I didn't think it was really worth a mention.

Until I saw the endorsement from The Wildomar Timex (if you don't know who that is, check out her act earlier in the year when she made this infamous statement about the Girl Scouts cookie program "...mulit-tiered marketing of poor quality products using aggression, intimidation and overly emotional tactics to do fundraising.").

So, my question to George is: I'm not of the old guard in Wildomar politics, so I don't know, or care, why certain people act the way they do... I just know that many people are true snot pockets when it comes to anything involving this city. Do you accept or reject Ms. Bridges' endorsement?

Oh, as an aside are you shocked to learn that self stylized Community Advocate is endorsing Gary Andre for city council? Birds of a feather...

I asked George his opinion on this, and like a responsible candidate he responded right away. Here is what he sent me.

I would have prefered something like, "I completely disavow anything from Martha Bridges because she has proven to be nothing more than a pox on Wildomar"... but I understand such a move would be difficult for a person running for office in this town. It's way too easy to anger voters one way or the other.

Thank you George for your response.

End of Update

 Just grist for the mill. Take it or leave it.

Chance makes our parents, but choice makes our friends.


  1. I'm hoping that you contacted George more directly too beside just in the Rap. That would increase the likelihood that he will respond and I am interested in hearing what that response is.

    1. Good point. I'll send him a PM now.

    2. Shows how long its been since old GEEOORGE has been to the park, he may know where the water is but does he have any idea which scrapyard the bronze went to. I have pictures taken in February that show that plaque was long gone then. As to this gentleman being a member of Wildomar Incorporate Now (WIN), this is the group one needs to look to when looking for a reason for the shortcoming of this so called city.
      Kenny Mayes


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