Saturday, October 11, 2014

• Free City Council Campaign Commercials

One good thing about not having TV is that I don't see any political ads. The same old commercials, with the same old cheesy music, with the same old catch phrases, the same old BS.

Well, I had a charitable impulse and decided to produce a free commercial for each of the five candidates running for city council.

I poke fun at ALL the candidates, though I poke a bit harder at one in particular. Those are the breaks when you mention my blog and your lawyer in the same breath. That's also why I've rescinded my offer to do a "Meet the Candidate" blog about him.

Without further ado, here are the videos. Each runs about 30 seconds.

Tim Walker Marsha Swanson Ben Benoit Israel Leija Gary Andre

To get some background on why I upgraded Gary Andre's name to Gary Adee follow this link to a blog discussing it (it's about half way down). Miss Miller, in her haste to filibuster at a city council meeting, forgot to endorse him during her allotted time. So when the little red light came on, signifying that her time was up, she hastily blurted out Vote for Gary Adee as she marched out the door.

Let me know which video you enjoyed most, or which one you hated the most —same difference to me.

There's still time to participate in the poll.
You can only vote once per IP address, so don't try and cheat.

And if you haven't already had enough of my hastily thrown together animations, here's one I did earlier in the year when I had a run in with Out of Town Blogger... when he tried to school me on what is out of bounds/bad taste when blogging. The audacity of it all is so delicious it would rate 3000 calories if it were a meal.

What other Local Blog gives you this much info and entertainment at once? Dare I say, "None"?


  1. In whos world is this kind of defamatory junk supposed to be funny or helpful.

  2. The person who calls this "defamatory junk" obviously has no sense of humour. Anyone who's ever seen any of the candidates (especially at the Willy'mar Candidate Forum, where these personalities were all on display) knows that these pretty much hit the mark in a funny way.

    Gil R has his own blog where he skewers people in a mean and nasty way. If you think this stuff is defamatory, you should check out his out-of-towner blog about our city. He makes Wildomar Rap look like child's play.


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