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• City Council Meeting 10-8-2014

The basic notes first.
Much of the public comments, about non-agenda items, dealt with the flood we had. I'm very sorry for those that are in areas that are prone to flooding, but much like I tell my friend that lives near a park when he discusses the noise at night... you're the one that signed on the dotted line. 

The rains we had were something that we all will talk about for decades to come, because they were that far out of the ordinary. No matter what level of drainage that could have reasonably been installed, flooding was simply going to occur when that much water falls from the sky in that short amount of time. 

The other things of note were when Miss Miller wanted it made clear that she still is Gary Andre's number one supporter for city council, but she regrets having changed his name to Gary Adee the last time she tried to endorse him. A move that lead to a parody commercial for candidate Gary Adee... a la the old plumbing commercial with the catchphrase "Adee-do".

Now I want to ask all you stalwart Gary Andre voters out there. Are you sure you like the camp you're in? Do the Santa routine and check the list twice... the list of his most ardent supporters... You really want that stink on you?
•     •     •

1.6 on the consent calender was something that was supposed to be discussed at the planning commission meeting of the week before, and it was. Thing is, due to the last minute document dump, the focus was only about the drainage issue and not revising the boundary line for Phases 1 and 2 to move Pad A from Phase 2 to Phase 1. Which actually triggers more than just the drainage issue when it comes to public safety.

To refresh your memory of that debacle, click the link for the blog.

Glad that Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit asked to have the issue pulled from the consent calendar and put onto the November meeting. To see the council's discussion on it, view the video below.

2.1 on the Agenda was a little bit of house cleaning the way I saw it... Basically making certain decisions take the action of the Planning Commission and not just the Planning Director (approval authority). The best part was that Miss Miller didn't know what she was talking about, but decided to chime in just the same. Then before the vote on the matter, Ben Benoit assured her that this was strengthening, not weakening the safeguards. 

I sure would love to have her endorsement, that would bring in ones of new votes.

3.1 Measure AA Regional Bond Overview.
This was NOT about bonds, it was simply... as it said in the agenda: Staff recommends that City Council receive and file the report.

That's it.

Still, there was discussion on/about the proposed MSJC campus. In the video you'll hear from all the council members, all are in favor of the campus and... though not emphatic, it appeared that Tim Walker was in favor of the bond measure too... especially after he heard about the slate of cranks that wrote the argument against Measure AA in the voter pamphlet.

If you look at the argument against [measure AA] it's the same people that have been against Wildomar from day one. 
—Mayor Marsha Swanson

If you'd like to get right to the mayor's quote, hit the 5:30 mark on the vid.

I've heard people say they don't want to antagonize the APEs (which I think stands for Amoral Pompous Egotists, those that always sue Wildomar no matter how idiotic it makes them look). That they'd rather not discuss the things that have happened to Wildomar at the hands of these people. Hoping that by appeasing them, they'll all of a sudden start playing nice.

Sorry, Homey Don't Play That...I don't make room for evil. I'll reproduce their ballot statement, and you judge for yourself if it is reasonable or about the stupidest thing you've read in months... or since the last thing they issued forth.

Looks like they're banking on voters being emotional basket cases.
How do they not know that those names in yellow are RADIOACTIVE to a huge number of Wildomar voters? They will easily lose 2-3% points by boastfully insisting their names be prominent.

Anyone remember Bush 43?

Anyone ever wonder why he wasn't asked to campaign for McCain and Palin back in 2008?

Same thing with Obama in 2014... they were (and he is) RADIOACTIVE and they were at least smart enough to grasp it and try and fly under the radar.

Then look at the actual wording they opted for... do they think they are speaking to kindergartners? Well, if you've ever chatted with any of them the answer is a most redounding YES, they think everyone outside of their circle is a dimwitted child that can't blow their nose without assistance from them.

They actually thought going with "Wall Street types are salivating over stuffing their pockets full of your cash" was a good idea? Guys, you need a new writer... here, let me try my hand at some hysteria that you might like to use next time.

If I were head writer of Team APE...

The Wall Street One Percenters are looking to enslave you as they confiscate your social security, foreclose on your house, sell your first born off to an Ebola test farm as they only allow you to eat potato peels and all the grubs you can find under that old log down the street —to pay for their country clubs, yachts and send their own kids to Harvard and Yale simultaneously.

Stop the Cash Grab NOW, before you end up in a Dickens style debtors prison.

Now wasn't that a lot more fun, and just as believable as what they put in the ballot statement too.

 ◄ I've always said, "If you're going to abuse hyperbole, then abuse it with some panache." ► 

I usually vote against bond measures... but, then again, most bond measures don't actually have such a profound impact on the local level like this.

This is going to cost Wildomar residents $13 per year per $100K assessed value of their home. I'm guessing this is going to cost me about $26 a year. Sure, I'd love to save half a tank of gas worth of money a year... it's not like having a college in town is going to increase my property values or anything like that... errr.... Wait a sec... just like having parks in a city increases the home values, so would having a college campus.

But try explaining that to a bitterman and they'll flash that classic face of theirs.

•     •     •

3.2 is the last item of note.

Speed Humps are coming to Catt Rd.
You people that race through the southside of Windsong Valley know who you are. The stop signs haven't gotten through to some of you —this is a neighborhood. Perhaps the speed humps will.

I actually got up and spoke about this issue. First I told the council that I'm in favor of these, but then told them I could think of at least three more places in Windsong Valley alone that could use them, and about 100 other places throughout town.

•     •     •

Hey, how 'bout them Dodgers and Angels? 
Arrrgghhh! Don't get me started.



    1. That's a good point. Thing is, this isn't being done by the city, or the local school district. Still, you probably have noticed that there are next to no campuses with higher education anywhere in SWRivCo. I don't have kids that will use this, but this campus is important for the whole area.


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