Saturday, June 25, 2016

• Nonagenarian Celebrated in Wildomar

Happy 90th Birthday to Wildomar Resident, John Corey. His party was today (June 25th) but as it turns out he shares a "birthday" with Wildomar → July 1st.
The party took place at Wildomar Assisted Living, where he's been living for the past several years. Though he is ninety, he's as spry as they come, and he did the room decoration himself. 

The meal was a bountiful spread including chicken parmesan, tricolor tortellini, Italian vegetables and salad.

Most of the guests were his family or fellow church goers, along with a few residents and the Mayor, Bridgette Moore. 

He was presented with a certificate from the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce and the City.
Mayor Moore and John Corey.

The highlight of the party was the live entertainment. John arranged to have a belly dancer come in and the gathering loved it... especially the birthday boy himself. ☺

•        •        •

Never attempt to change what you see into what you'd like. People who transform pussy cats into tigers may not wind up as dinner companions, but as dinner.

—E.G. Marshall, CBSRMT 

Wildomar Rap tip of the day: if you want to make it 90 years, don't treat your body like it was only built for 60 or 70.

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