Friday, July 1, 2016

• Wildomar Turns Eight

Wildomar turns 8... in its 130th year!

Funny thing about numbers, they can be contradictory and accurate at the same time. 

Here's how.

The community of Wildomar is 130 years old, but the city has only been incorporated for 8.

To help celebrate the city's birthday, the tradition of ringing the old school bell at Wildomar Elementary, was instituted from the start.

Kristan Lloyd, of the Wildomar Historical Society, was the master of ceremonies and warmed up the modest crowd before handing over the mic to Councilmember Bob Cashman.
Bob Cashman as he regales the gathered with tales of yesteryear.
Here are some interesting facts about the bell

  • It weighs 640 pounds. 
  • The bell is made of cast iron
  • It had to be lifted about 40 feet in the air to be installed in the belfry. They built a structure next to the tower, and along with a crane, got it up to a platform and then slid it across to a structure that resembles the existing one, that was atop of the old school.
  • The bell used to be rung at the beginning of school. It alerted the students to line up for class. The bell was also rung at recess, the end of recess and at the end of the school day
  • There are two time capsules under the Bell to be opened in 2058.
  • Councilmember Marsha Swanson takes a turn at ringing the bell.

    Councilman Bob Cashman, Mayor Bridgette Moore, Councilmember Marsha Swanson and Councilman Ben Benoit.
    This was one way to celebrate Wildomar's birthday, but there is a big bash planned for Saturday evening, July 9th, at Marna O'Brien park.

    There will be a high end Beach Boy's cover band, a car show, a beer garden for the adults, and plenty to keep you entertained. People will start showing up around 5:00pm, so don't dawdle too much. See the flyer for more info.

    Below is a video of the bell ringing from 2014. This is what it sounded like then and now... and believe me, it's LOUD!

    •        •        •

    The test of a lady is how well she can keep her temper, no matter how she is insulted.

    —E.G. Marshall, CBSRMT 

    FYI, Wildomar Rap isn't intimidated by scarecrow faced shrews with absurdly narrow set eyes.


    1. Much like the claim that the "Brown House" was built by Rudolph Brown (before he was born) what document proves this community is 130 years old. Rancho La Laguna was purchased by Franklin Heald and Donald Graham in 1883, by 1884 they were on the splits with Donald bringing in William Collier (these two took the lands south of Corydon. Lots were being sold in two town sites by this time, but no maps were filed until 1888. So is the town 132 years old or only 128. More than likely 130 was a convenient number.

      1. I love history, but have never been all that keen on "local" history. When people from the next town over, or next county for that matter, have no interest in a subject, I don't see why I should. The whole Brown House rigmarole is finally, and mercifully, going to be played out soon (soon being within the next couple of years).

        I just can't imagine trying to handcuff a developer to that building, and thinking it a good decision to have it the center point of a new retail area.


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