Sunday, September 18, 2016

• Chords and Vines Radio Program

Kat Ellis did a remote broadcast of her show, Chords and Vines, from Wildomar's The Corporate Room.

Musical guest was Grace Richardson of Cougrzz Rock, and special guest was Wildomar Mayor Bridgette Moore.

Kat played several original songs by Grace, and with each it was paired with a wine and some food prepared by Chef Steve of New Life Culinary Creations. 
Kat Ellis, Tom Plant, Grace Richardson, Bridgette Moore and Cathy Neumann-Bearse.

In the video below, you'll get a flavor of the live broadcast as Kat talks with the Mayor. She was able to get in 10 Wildomar references during the hour.  
About half way through the hour long show US Congressional Candidate Tim Sheridan was invited on stage, and spoke a few moments about his radio days in his youth. 

Immediately following the Chords and Vines program was to be a Tim Sheridan fundraiser at The Corporate Room, and the place was all decked out in blue and white 
tablecloths and seat covers
Kat Ellis, Tom Plant, Grace Richardson, Bridgette Moore and Tim Sheridan.

After the show I had a chance to ask Kat a couple of questions about her show. She started Chords and Vines in September of 2013 when she thought pairing wines and music were a natural combo.

Her inspiration for the show came from the "beautiful wineries" that are in the Temecula Valley and the talented musicians: "It just seemed like a natural thing to do."

Her crew consists of herself, Tom Plant whose day job is a business called Wineormous, Toni Koch, Bob Batterton engineer, and until recently - Guy Towe (a friend of hers that suddenly passed away in August).

The show has grown to the point that they have done remote broadcasts in places like LA, Phoenix, Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Francisco, and they're working on a Maui trip for next year.

The best way to find the show is through their website.

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[Explaining why she'd taken money out of the fountain]
Well, if people keep putting money in, then it could build up, and all the water could flow out, then it could go down into the underground, then all the trains wouldn't be able to go anymore because they would slide off the tracks and that would be the end of all London, and I'm preventing all that from happening.

— Karen (6 year old from British TV show "Outnumbered")

Wildomar Rap suggests pairing hazelnuts, dark chocolate and liebfraumilch while listening to The Decemberists... but in a pinch it's ok to go with pepperoni pizza, beer and The Who's - Who's Next.

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