Saturday, October 15, 2016

• 12th Annual Farm Chili Cook-Off & Craft Fair

The Farm had their 12th annual chili cook-off and craft fair today, at Miller's Mill in the center of their community.
The Community Garden Committee was one of the many teams that competed in the cook-off.
One of my favorite tasting spots was known as Last Chance Gas and they represented the FPOA (Farm Property Owners Association). 
Had to love the effort put into this station. Those behind the counter had vintage coveralls on.

This was my favorite chili for taste. Each taste cup came with a small slice of pineapple. Last year this team had a "dessert chili" that was a big hit too.

The winning team was called Farm Watchers and they indeed had a great traditional chili that would make any hot dog all the better, not to mention a giant bowl of it with fresh onions.
One of the dozen or so tables with crafts. These creatures are irresistible.

I might have said this last year too, but The Farm really has a great community. While there I bumped into several friends, and had a chance to meet some new ones.

Also in attendance was City Council Candidate Dustin Nigg and his family, making himself accessible to his potential constituents, and 2016 Mayor Bridgette Moore.

Just like there are supposed to be two 5K's next year in Wildomar (both to be held at Marna O'Brien park within about a month of each other), I suggest that the city consider putting on a chili contest of its own. The more the merrier.

The BBQ is great, but too many of the participants don't even allow tastes of their food. Let's give this some thought.

Here's a link to the blog covering last year's event.
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I think careful cooking is love, don't you? The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who's close to you is about as nice a valentine as you can give. — Julia Child, 1912-2004

Wildomar Rap cautions all encumbered men that trying to tell your someone special 'a home cooked meal is a good valentine gift' (especially on Valentine's day) is begging for a one way trip to the dog house.


  1. Was this event open to the public? Or for residents of the farm and invited guests only?

    1. It's just a Farm event.

      I'd like to see something like this at Marna O'Brien that is open to all.

    2. That's what I figured. Consider yourself lucky to have been invited, I guess.

    3. Sheila - you should no by now that "the farm" is only a part of wildomar when they want something from the city. Any other time stay away.


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