Friday, October 14, 2016

• State of the City 2016

The event had a start time of 6:00pm with appetizers starting at 5:30pm. Los Reyes, Waba Grill, Stadium Pizza and Go Nutz Donuts provided the food and the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce furnished the cocktails.
Sisters Jocelyn and Galilea Leon sing the National Anthem.
The program began with Councilmember Tim Walker opening with a prayer, boy scout troop 332 led the group in the pledge of allegiance followed up by the singing of the national anthem by the Leon sisters.  

Dana DeJong, chairman of the chamber, was the emcee and introduced the local dignitaries that were in the audience before handing it over to Mayor Bridgette Moore.

During the presentation, that lasted about 45 minutes, there were seven well made videos that highlighted various aspects of Wildomar. They were weaved together with comments from the mayor and powerpoint imagery on the four large screens in the chamber.
One of the themes had our valley area as "The Magic Kingdom" with Wildomar as Frontier Land, Lake Elsinore as Adventureland, Murrieta as Tomorrowland, Temecula as Fantasyland, Menifee as Jungleland and Canyon Lake as "It's a small world."

All the videos were terrifically done, and as someone that produces small time videos and knows what it takes to make them, I have to applaud the team from Cherished Memories for delivering such quality with so little time to do it in.
Nothing like going to a coffee with the mayor event and finding out you're about to be on candid camera. Stewart Moore was pressed into service as "Wildo-Reporter" that day and it was a natural fit, as for me... not so much. ☺

When it comes down to the nuts and bolts of the "state of the city" we have no debt and no unfunded pension obligations. Businesses are opening and people are moving into town. Current population is just over 35,000.

As parting gift, those that attended were given 2017 Wildomar themed calendars, distributed by the Wildomar Queens as people left. 

I'm never sure what to expect from such events, but I really thought that the city did itself proud with the entire evening, and the mayor's delivery was very smooth throughout with well delivered laugh lines. 

The event was live streamed on facebook by the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce. Here is a link to the video. It's a bit pixelated in spots, but it's a great first attempt to live stream a Wildomar event.

I only have one suggestion for the next time Bridgette Moore is the mayor and is slated to host the State of the City event.

Arrange for Chase Bank to hire extra guards that day. 

As it turns out, when Mayor Moore hosted the State of the City back in 2010, the bank was robbed the same day... lo and behold, it happened again in 2016.

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The most perfect political community is one in which the middle class is in control, and outnumbers both of the other classes.

— Aristotle, 384BC-322BC

Wildomar Rap is getting ready for the holiday season... are you?

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