Thursday, December 15, 2016

• City Council Meeting December 2016

This is a long blog because it was a long meeting.

This meeting had an early packed house. The preponderance of the crowd were there to see presentations, but once they were concluded, the crowd thinned out considerably. 

 Associate Cares/TIP. 
This is a great organization that assists people after a tragedy hits them. In this presentation TIP gave Wildomar resident, Deanna Ramirez, a check for $2000 to aid in her family's living expenses. You may remember that the home she was living in burned on Halloween. (Blog link here)

• 5 Year Employee Service Pin – Kirk Schrader and Daniel Torres. 
A great couple of guys. If you're ever at a park event you're sure to see Daniel somewhere about. I've known Kirk for at least 10 years. We used to play beer league baseball together, and he was a heckuva shortstop... especially with that ZZ Top beard he's always had. ☺

• Special Presentation to Police Chief Lennie Hollingsworth. 
Sadly, Captain Hollingsworth is leaving Wildomar. Actually, he's retiring and leaving the area altogether. Let's hope his successor has a similar demeanor and approachability.  

• David A. Brown Football & Volleyball Champions, part of the Think Together program. 

• Donald Graham Elementary sang a few Christmas songs as part of a larger "better know a school" presentation. 

This was a long meeting, and there were several public comments from the usual suspects. Not one of them made any more sense than they ever do. Which included a rare Martha Bridges appearance (on item 3.2).

Why do people go up to the lectern without knowing the subjects they are speaking about?  

I get it, it's the most fun a geriatric person can have in front of a captive audience in good ol' Willy Mar, but can't you hold back some of your shtick for nights when the agenda is thinner?

I'd have loved to have gone up to the mic and uncorked a few one liners, maybe sing a song, but had better sense than that.

For fans of Miss Miller, she didn't sing, but did go into several diatribes. I'll make a compilation video and include it below. Gotta love a person that attacks Christmas... that's so last decade.

While editing, I chose to include all twelve plus minutes of her four soughs —in their entirety. First, I didn't want to bother with editing. Second, she has her fans. However, I front loaded the video with a compressed version; squeezing her twelve minutes into about 13 seconds. Sounds a bit like church mice that got into the coffee grounds from last week's ice cream social, but it made as much sense as the 12 minute version... so there you are.

3.1 Urgency Ordinance 
Temporary Restrictions and Regulations on Non-medical Marijuana Facilities and Private Marijuana Cultivation.

This item was moved ahead of item 2.1

Nutshell time

Recreational use of marijuana has now been approved by the voters of this state. Wildomar voted in favor of it with 53% of the vote (and that percentage will only continue to grow as the old guard dies off).

I've never used it, but can't imagine trying to tell adults how to live. Cannabis is not akin to cocaine, heroin, meth, crack, or a plethora of prescription drugs that will absolutely destroy your body in due course.

It being listed alongside other Schedule 1 drugs, is about as sensible as the listing of Pabst Blue Ribbon would be alongside White Lightning or Everclear.

We all know the story about how cannabis went from a crop that our founding fathers cultivated, to being put on the mega boogieman list in the 1930s, and the hysteria that came with it, like Reefer Madness
(if you don't... try googling it)

That said, with it being recently legalized in California, there must be ordinances to keep it under control, as there is for everything else in life.

Just like we wouldn't want an unregulated mom and pop brewery to start up near a neighborhood, none of us would want some rogue pothead to start cultivating hundreds of pot plants in town either.

There needs to be order in a society, and the council will be taking the better part of 2017 to come up with rules & regs for the cultivation and sale of the hippie lettuce. 

Mayor Pro-Tem Tim Walker made it clear that as long as it's against federal law, he'll be voting to keep it banned. 

Planning Commissioner Chair Veronica Langworthy spoke on this issue as a private citizen. She is in the camp that wants to keep marijuana in the black market. Of course she didn't actually say those words, but when you seek to ban something, that is going to be the end result.

Did have to love her imploring the council to say, "Yes to a moratorium, and no to Weed-a-mar."

The video below runs about 12 minutes and covers the entire item as viewed through my camera. (link)
If I were to try to guess how this issue will eventually end up in Wildomar, it would be tough; it's really a toss up. 

If forced to guess, I'd say marijuana will remain illegal to sell in this city for the foreseeable future, and all the revenue that comes with the tax on it, will be going elsewhere too. 

Understand this, not one fewer joint will be puffed on; not one fewer bowl will be smoked; and not one less bong hit will be had in Wildomar, only the revenues will be going to other locales.

2.1 Westpark Promenade
To get some of the details of the project, refer back to the blog covering the planning commission meeting in question with this LINK.

This passed 5-0, and if it doesn't get hit with a lawsuit first (which we all know it'll at least be threatened with one) grading on the site could begin in about 8 months.

The memorable part of this item was when councilmember Ben Benoit jokingly responded to the suggestion of grading beginning in 8 months with possible delays, "...and potential CEQA lawsuits."

Westpark Promenade pointman, Sam Alhadeff, got on his soapbox for a few moments,  "I am getting tired of people submitting objections to projects —this is a full EIR. It's not a mitigated negative declaration, or a negative declaration. It's a full EIR, and to have the temerity to file a letter on something like, energy, three hours before a hearing, just doesn't make sense. And I'm hopeful that when you consider the new year, if there's any rules that can be established, requiring timely submittal of objections for projects —you've got a great staff. They get these letters, they've got to respond, and it's very difficult with two hours to do something."

Though I appreciate his fire in the belly approach, all he's done is challenged the the sue happy misfits to do even more last minute document dumps... it's how they roll, and they think it's effective.

Below is a short video of the exchange. 
(link if you can't see the video here)

The group that is harassing the developers of various Wildomar projects most recently, is calling itself Golden State Environmental Justice Alliance, last time they were known as SoCal Environmental Justice Alliance (I'm guessing that next time they'll call themselves something nifty like Global Environmental Justice Alliance, to later be followed up with Universal Justice Alliance).

My chance on the soapbox

To quote one of my favorite people, Dr. Shirley Johnson, let's just call an ace an ace, this guy appeared to be suffering from several things that have obviously haunted him for many years. 

First, the guy is shorter than I am, and that rarely sits well. 

Second... how can I say this and maintain decorum? 

Fine, I'll use clinical terminology. It's obvious that he suffered from bad acne in the past, and that too, usually takes its toll on a young person. 

Throw in a pair of glasses, red hair, a few too many lbs and you have the perfect makings of an outcast.
When kids are bullied, some grow up looking for revenge. *
Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe he was a combo class president/homecoming king in his day, but I think that claim might be a stretch too far, and would be better filed under the "fake news" banner.

What's my point? 

Is it to further ridicule him? 


I'm simply trying to come up with a rational explanation why someone would make their life's pursuit hounding those that build society.

Whatever his group is able to squeeze from developers, EVERY penny is ultimately going to be paid by the new homeowners, or the people that frequent any new businesses in the commercial portions of the project, meaning all of us.
*If the above drawing hurted [sic] your feelings, please send your hate mail to:
Wildomar Rap@I Don't

 Not to be outdone by some recent upstarts —that can't settle on what nifty (cough) name to call themselves, the old guard, headed Martha Bridges, also submitted a letter outlining concerns about the project... and to round out the trifecta of ridiculous, so did Miss Miller.

3.2 Consideration of a Billing and Performance Audit of Waste Management 
Trash collection has been an ongoing issue for the city since we have two different providers. The east side has Waste Management, the west side has CR&R.

The big difference has been that the two services haven't been the same, and neither have their fees. 

It's another legacy of being a new city. When under county control, no one cared if W'mar got short shrift on a number of issues, this being one of them.

The desire of the council is to have parity when it comes the trash collection, throughout the city, and councilmember Marsha Swanson has long been a fan of only having one provider; seems reasonable for a city our size.
3.3 Faith Bible Church GPIP 
Quick reminder, a GPIP is very preliminary. (General Plan Initiation Proceeding)

I've compared a GPIP to asking someone if you may ask them out on a date. I'll roll out my 4 panel cartoon as I'm want to do at such times to illustrate it better. 
In this example Mario is the applicant and Peach is the city.

Tonight the city basically said, "Yes, you may ask us out on a date." 

When Faith Bible Church comes back and asks Wildomar for actual permission to change the general plan, who knows what the response will be.

Like Councilmember Dustin Nigg mentioned to the applicant, "[The neighboring residents] all bought those houses, under the assumption that this would be an X type of plan. Then we're going to potentially change this land use [to] something different [than what they bought into]?"

His points were well taken, and this was dealing with his district too (still getting used to that a bit). 

If you move next to a vacant field that is zoned for more houses, then you might be a bit peeved if they end up putting a large building that draws 1000 plus people to it on the weekends.

3.5 Re-Allocation of $10,360 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Program Year 
This was made necessary because, after further review, it was found that Cops for Kids (the previous recipients) did not meet the documentation requirements for CDBG funding.

It was a little bit of a wonky issue, but the grants have to be used in very narrow applications. There were a few different options to choose from, and in the end the Malaga Park Project was awarded the money. 

For those that aren't aware of what that is, it's not really a park in the traditional sense. No ball fields, play areas or even open spaces.

The idea is to make the area a bit nicer, perhaps with some signage welcoming people to Wildomar.
Let's hope that after Malaga Park is finished, our lovely neighbors to the north won't hang campaign signs there. ☺

3.6 Planning Commission Appointments 
Bridgette Moore reappointed John Lloyd, and Dustin Nigg appointed Michele Thomas. 

3.8 Appointment of Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem for 2017
Next year's Mayor will be Tim Walker with Ben Benoit taking the role of Mayor Pro-Tem. Tim was the Mayor when Wildomar Rap first came online. It'll be interesting to view his entire tenure this time. 

He cares a lot about the city, and has a solid foundation from where his views stem. His style is anything but politically correct, which is refreshing since the PC world has all but suffocated those that get bogged down in its hooey.
•          •          •

"Such are the things that torture a person of honor. There is no escaping the palpable fact that people, without honor, lead easier lives than those that possess it. But if I can choose my friends, give me those whose sense of honor makes their lives difficult. I'd like to feel that I belong with them."

— EG Marshall, CBSRMT 1981 

Wildomar Rap reminds you that a person's name is their most valuable possession. When someone consistently acts disreputably, you know they've long ago flushed their name down the crapper!


  1. Ty for all the info, but I will pass on the 12 minutes of miss Miller. I would rather have the building with traffic once a week than the houses and the constant traffic and other stuff that comes with houses. I also think that since marijuana is legal in California it should be legal in Wildomar.

    1. I agree with the opinion on marijuana and can see your point about the church too. As for the Miss Miller video, if you click play, the first 13 seconds cover all 12 of her actual minutes... another public service performed by WR. ;)

  2. Your Malaga Park photo is misleading. The first parcel for that park is located to the left of the fence in your photo, making 2/3rds of the lot in the road. (Its 20 feet from the fence to the edge of the asphalt on Malaga). The second parcel is further up Malaga, towards the Casino. Guess who is going to frequent that "park".

    1. It was a "file photo" of sorts. Just to give an idea of where it is.

      Personally, I've never understood this being touted as a "park". If they want to make it more attractive to people entering the city that's fine, but I don't get calling it a park. I spent many years in the San Juan Capistrano area and they had a corner "park" called "Arce Park". The sign telling you that it was a park took most of it up. I went to google maps to find it, and it's still there, but now without grass... but that sign is right where it's always been.

    2. Looked up "Arce Park", it has something Malaga Park doesn't, a future. With the ever increasing homes on the lake bottom and the possible sports complex next to the Diamond, Malaga St. will need to be widened to facilitate the movement of traffic towards the freeway. When this does happen no more park. I will post pictures on my site later in weekend showing this area using Riverside County Parcel maps with aerial overlays.


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