Wednesday, May 10, 2017

• City Council Meeting May 2017

If it weren't for the presentations and public comments, the meeting would have lasted about ten minutes. Still, having it wrap up a little past 8:00pm is great thing. 

Presentations included meeting our new CSO (Community Service Officer) Roxanne Jouglard . She's been working in the community since October of 2016. She's a non sworn staff member of the department that helps with reports, citations, transporting non violent arrestees to the jail and other things that don't require a deputy.

Two teachers from Wildomar Elementary were honored. Both have logged 31 years at the school.
Top row: Bridgette Moore, Tim Walker, Ben Benoit, Dustin Nigg, and Marsha Swanson.
Bottom row: Debbie Roader (sp?), Principal Michael Hoffmann, and Sue Carlson.
William Collier Elementary gave a presentation that ran into some technical difficulties during a video that the 5th graders made, but by the by they made it to the end. In the video below, I caught a glimpse of their video. 

Addisun Rice was recognized for becoming an eagle scout.
Mayor Tim Walker, Eagle Scout Addisun Rice, and Councilmember Bridgette Moore.

After that WRCOG congratulated the city for saving energy, May was proclaimed to be mental health month and the fire department gave an update without any stats.

Public Comments (on non agenda items)
Complete video below
• Planning commissioner Veronica Langworthy came as a private citizen, and used her three minutes to rail against marijuana. She asked that the council intact a permanent ban on all aspects of the drug. Citing many dubious studies and reports, all the while failing to grasp that it is already legal here... it just can't be sold, regulated or taxed here.
Kenny Mayes spoke on various and sundry things. From a community garden that was said to have cost $75K, the freedom swing, and the Camelia townhouse project.
Joseph Morabito invited the council to the next T-NOW meeting (a subgroup of RTA) which will be at city council chambers on May 24th starting at noon, and to like the facebook page: LINK TO PAGE He then touched on the Camelia project.
George Taylor spoke about an event that happened at The Farm.
Trudy Curry spoke out against the Camelia project.
Pete Kee spoke against the Cameila project and asked that the developers please add a drawing to their presentations that show a mock up from the perspective that the homeowners would have from their backyards.

The Camelia Townhouse Project will be coming back to the planning commission on June 21st. Let's see if those that oppose it actually show up. There were some in attendance, but with all the big talk at, I was expecting a packed house. Not just a baker's dozen.

Miss Miller came up with a new word "reinfrastructuring" then noticing she had a minute left on the clock, went into song: ♪♫ If we could love as much as angels...♫♪ 

If you want to jump right to her singing, use this shortcut 17:40.
There were public comments on a couple of consent calendar items, but nothing that the average resident would be able to make heads or tails out of... and I'm talking about myself here first and foremost.

The actual meat of the meeting went by in the flash of a spark. 

Item 2.1 was just rubber stamping what the planning commission dealt with last month: Item 2.2 Zoning Ordinance Amendment CEQA Exemption
Item 3.1 was just a bit of budget talk, a third quarter update. Something that could just as easily be put into the consent calendar in my opinion.

Bing, bang, boom... that was it.

There was a reminder that this Saturday, at Marna O'Brien Park, there will be a community event. Watch the video that the kids from Wildomar Elementary's THINK Together made for the details. 

•          •          •

When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth. So what the hell, leap.

– Cynthia Heimel 

Wildomar Rap supposes that Miss Miller consults the wit and wisdom of Miss Heimel before ever city meeting she attends.

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