Saturday, December 19, 2015

• When Is Yellow Basket Opening?

You may remember back in early August that I told you that Yellow Basket was on it's way to town. It's at the front of the parking lot where Barons Market and Stadium Pizza are.

In the same blog I mentioned Natalie's Rascals (Pet Spa), and China One restaurant too. Today my shih tzu Vinny has a date with Natalie.

Well, both of those establishments have been up and running for quite awhile now, but Yellow Basket is still more than a month away.

As the Yellow Basket site looked in early August 2015

In fact, in the time between the August blog (link) and now, El Pollo Loco has managed to open its doors in the same center. Granted, they didn't need to construct a building from the ground up, but still... they're there. Also a new yogurt place has taken over the old White Lime Frozen Yogurt spot, called Yogurt Valley, is opened for business.

Looking good from the outside, but the inside appears to have no upgrades in it yet.

I asked the super at the Yellow Basket construction office if they had an opening date in sight yet. He looked a bit beleaguered (perhaps it was the time of day) and said, "February" with a bit of hesitation.

When I asked back in August the guesstimate was mid October.
The outside is nearing completion. It'll be good once the entire parking lot is available again.

I didn't want to take too much of his time on a Friday afternoon, so I wished him good luck, and hoped they could finish ahead of the promised El Niño rains. He agreed, especially because they have a large open trench at the moment.

This trench was easily approaching five feet deep.
I'm not a big fast food guy, but I look forward to trying this place out when they open. I've checked out their online menu and they a staggering variety to choose from. (Link to their menu)

If you've ever eaten at a Yellow Basket, let me know what you thought of it.

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