Sunday, August 1, 2021

• Wildomar Conversations: 2 Opal the Heroic Cow

It's not too often that you hear about a protective cow, but this is Wildomar and you're about to hear about Opal, the heroic cow. 

Opal, the heroic cow.

Her owners, Michelle and Chris, have lived in Wildomar a year... to the day as of the writing of this blog, and they love the pace of our community. 

In March they heard about Opal from a family in Menifee and they knew they had the room for her on their property and in their hearts so they adopted her. 

Opal loves her yard, and though she's not a bull, if you mess with her territory you'll be getting the horns, as if she were.

Then the other day Michelle was out with Opal when some commotion began near the gate on their property. Chris called Michelle to warn her, but it was too late. She came face to face with someone that the police were pursuing. 

He had hoped their gate and when Michelle saw him she let out a scream. That got Opal into gear and she chased the bad guy and cornered him, at which time the police apprehended the suspect. 

Opal was rewarded with horse cookies, and all was well.

These look eerily similar to the carob, oatmeal, peanut butter balls I used to make. 😋 
Please watch the four minute video to learn more about this beautiful animal and the story of how she saved the day.

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Friday, July 23, 2021

• Wildomar Conversations: 1 Ashley Fox

Welcome to the first edition of Wildomar Conversations. 

Though I've wanted to do something like this for awhile, I just didn't have the oomph to get it started on my own (these types of productions take a team effort)

Then a few months ago Bridgette Moore started talking about wanting to interview people in town that have interesting stories and here we are.

I think that she mostly had the idea of doing a write up, but I suggested that we set up video cameras and see if we could make an interesting video while we were at it. I think we hit that mark. 

Our first conversation is with Ashley Fox

I invite you to watch the full 10 minute video found a little further down in the blog.

It's a nice story of a local resident that hasn't allowed a very serious medical condition to derail her life.

Bridgette Moore and Ashley Fox at Stars of the Valley event.

Her condition is called SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), and though she uses a wheel chair to get around, she's as active as most people her age.

Ashley Fox at graduation.

She's been in girl scouts, a cheerleader, and recently graduated with an AA at MSJC with plans on going to UCSD to finish her undergraduate in psychology. She even has aspirations for a Masters and a Doctorate before she's done.

Post education she would like to work in the field of sports psychology.

Ashley was welcomed aboard with Camp Promise earlier this year.
She is an advocate for accessibility for those with all types of disabilities and is also on the marriage equality task force with about 200 others with various disabilities.

You may not be aware, but due to various rules in place, many people with disabilities can't get married without losing their health insurance. 

Bridgette asked Ashley if she had like to add anything else before finishing the conversation, and here are her words.

No Matter how much push back you get, no many how many noes you receive, your voice matters, your needs matter. You're not "high maintenance", you're not needy, you're not a burden. It's very much your life and you need to get the resources you need to live it.
  —Ashley Fox

Here is a video from 2014 of Ashley at a Lake Elsinore Storm pregame event.

I've had the privilege of knowing Ashley since 2014 when she was raising money for her Girl Scout Silver Award project known as the freedom swing. I also was able to follow her around when she was "Mayor for the Day" in 2016 (link to that blog here).

Link to 2014 blog about Ashley Fox's Freedom Swing project.

Remember that Wildomar Conversations is a work in progress and I'm sure that there will be some growing pains as we get our bearings. 

Let's see how far we can take this idea. We'd love to hear your suggestions for future topics. 

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Saturday, July 17, 2021

• City Council Meeting July 2021

The Meeting started with a presentation honoring LEUSD Teacher and Board Member Stan Crippen for all his years of service to the community.

Stan Crippen and Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit

Police Department Update

Only 1 citation was written.

I was a bit surprised to see this year's number of fireworks calls doubling last years. I would have wagered that there were 100 calls from a handful of residents alone. Then again, posting on Facebook about an issue has never been factored into actual police stats.
opinion time regarding illegal fireworks

I'm a realist first and foremost. 

Therefore, when it comes to fireworks, littering, running stop signs in neighborhoods, etc. I recognize that there is no way that enforcement alone will do anything more than chip off a few percentage points of scofflaws that simply do not care about community standards. 

Such people know that the odds of being caught are minimal (like speeding on the freeway), and with California's new soft approach to prosecuting law breakers, they know that even if caught they'll most likely get no penalty of consequence. 

The key is in the hands of today's parents, to instill in their children that community standards are important to respect. 
In the meantime, knowing that we have neighbors that confuse celebrating liberty with shooting incendiary devices over our rooftops at 1am, it's best to find ways to cope. 
Also in the Police Department Update was news regarding the rash of 8 smash and grab break ins that occurred after 2am on July 5th. It was a spree that included 40 known incidences that appeared to begin in Temecula and finish in Hemet.
All the suspects have been identified, and one arrest has already been made. (This is at the 20 minute mark of the video below).
Deputy Dallin Chambers was introduced and is now part of the Wildomar special enforcement team.

Library Update
On July 28th they are celebrating their 28th anniversary and invite you to come on down for a cup of Starbucks coffee. They open at 10am and close at 6pm.
There is also a bookmark contest, so if you're an artist, or one in the making, please consider entering the contest. 😊
Be sure to stop by and see what's happening this Summer.

Code Enforcement Reinvigorated
As many of you already know, long time code enforcement officer Keith Ross passed away earlier this year. There has been a big hole to fill but now Wildomar is back up to full strength, and then some, when it comes to this department.
You may disagree with the idea of code enforcement in li'l ol' WillyMar, but 95% of the rest of us don't. 
If you're one that has been pushing the limits with code issues, take this as a friendly reminder to clean up your act. If not, the new officers are coming with the ferocity of a pitbull (and I'm not apologizing to pitbull owners if that comparison offends you).
If you get cited, send your complaint letters to and I'll nominate you for the inaugural hardhead of the year award.

1.8 Baxter Village Medical Office Building Site
Grading is scheduled to begin "September to October time frame". The owner of the property will be securing the perimeter once grading has occurred to keep illegal dumping and trespassing in check. 
I guess that Baxter Off Road Park will finally be a thing of the past... but I'll only believe it after I see it. In the meantime, let's stroll down memory lane which includes images of the vaunted Brown House in this timeless parody video.
3.1 Santa Rosa Plateau Nature Education Foundation  Special Event Memorandum of Understanding 
This was on the agenda of the last meeting, but the wording of the item left a lot to be desired, so it was tabled. 

From the agenda: 
City participation would include, but not limited to providing the following and related services: perimeter fencing, restroom facility rental, janitorial services, security services, trash collection bins, traffic control, traffic barriers, on- site EMT/First Aid, parking, and shuttle service.  
The cost to the general fund for this event will be up to $15,000
If there are any funds remaining from the cost of facilitating the event at Marna O’Brien Park, the remaining amount will be used to promote and market the event through a plan developed by the Economic Development Department.
see this as a win for the city. I think it’s good for a city to have a signature event, and though not all will support a beer festival (not everyone drinks alcohol), I’m sure that not everyone in Gilroy is excited about being known for garlic. 

Before Wildomar I lived in San Clemente, and they had their “Ocean Festival” where the main streets were blocked off for a 5-K and then a huge block party that went all the way down to the pier.  I remember the first year that I encountered it, I couldn't get across the street and was mad about it. In later years, after I'd had kids, I realized it was a great thing for the community.

Though it’s not for everyone, it’s still good for the city. 

—Councilman Joseph Morabito comments at the meeting
3.6 Establishment of an Ad-Hoc Re-Districting Subcommittee
Quick rundown on what this is about. 
First, after each census the political district lines get redrawn and the five districts that comprise Wildomar City Council need to be updated.
Second, last year the Mayor suggested we look at going from five council districts and rotating the title of Mayor to four districts and a Mayor that the entire city votes for.
I can see both good and bad things coming from that.
On the good side is that the voters would now have two people they could vote for instead on just one. There would be consistency with one mayor instead of constantly having to adjust to a new style. 
On the negative side if the elected Mayor is headstrong or difficult, doesn't seem to be putting in enough time, or is actually on the inept side there is nothing that can be done about it until the term is finished and the voters choose again.
The way it currently is set up, the Mayor is there for a year (usually) and then hands the gavel over to the next person in line (that's how it is in most smaller cities. In our area, only Menifee bucks that trend). If a mayor is in over his or her head, it would have less impact in the course of a year than over the long haul of four years.
A novel idea was floated out by Kenny Mayes during his public comment.

He suggested keeping the five districts and then having a Mayor with limited powers that is voted in by the entire city. 

I don't know if it's doable or if it's permissible under California law, but if it is, I love that idea. Way to go Kenny, you knocked that one out of the park.
The next issue would be who should decide such a thing? 
Should that be the five city council members, or should it be put to a vote of the people?
There are arguments on both sides, but without some very persuasive reasoning against it, my stance is that it needs to be put on the ballot, and then retroactive term limits must be put on the ballot too; twelve years is enough. 
If in the end this goes forward, I have the perfect candidate for Wildomar's first elected Mayor. If that person isn't interested, then I'll throw my hat into the ring... seriously. 
The subcommittee will be comprised by the Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem. I wanted to be on the subcommittee, but was happy to step aside for the two chosen. The big reason to not push wanting to be on the subcommittee was that it was the idea of the Mayor in the first place, and he should be on it for that reason. Also, because of the Brown Act, I couldn't have been on with the Mayor or Mayor Pro-Tem. 
This will take more than one public meeting, so please give it some thought, talk it over with your neighbors and plan on actively participating in this decision.
3.7 Approval of Master Equity Lease Agreement and Maintenance Agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management
The blog is getting long by this time so let me sum this up. 
We need city vehicles. 
Should we buy or should we lease?
I can't imagine how leasing is a better move than purchasing. Which is the case in normal years. Thing is, this hasn't been a "normal year" and there are issues in the supply chain that  is making new vehicles more difficult to obtain.
In the end it was a 5-0 vote to approve the item which will be to lease the vehicles. 
I argued against the idea of leasing, but under the circumstances, understood that our back was to the proverbial wall and we needed the vehicles.
My vote went from a no to a yes after I asked if this was a one and done vote, and it was established that it will be reviewed with each new budget. I'll be willing to look at the numbers at that time, but if they don't clearly show a savings by leasing over purchasing, my 2021 vote will be a NO from here on out.
It wasn't really highlighted at the meeting, but the city manager is in the last year of his contract and he was planning on retiring last year but agreed to stay on another year to help guide the city through the Covid state of emergency. His last day is slated to be January 31, 2022.
The task of looking for the next city manager will begin shortly.
•                •                •

“The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.”
– Bertrand Russell 

Wildomar Rap wants to know if Berty used to kiss his mom with that potty mouth? 

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Friday, July 16, 2021

• Los Angeles County Reinstates Indoor Mask Mandate

If there's one mantra I'm sick of hearing (because it's been sooooo overused and misused over the last year and a half) it's "follow the science".

Link to July 15th, 2021, NBC story about LA County reinstating an indoor mask mandate

First we saw Dr. Fauci downplay the need for masks on 60 Minutes in March of 2020, to then see him do an about face and suggest double or even triple masks. 

I was told that is what science looks like

New information/new data comes in and then science adjusts to the evolving sets of facts. I'm good with that. I understand that. Information was rapidly unfolding in real time; it's a marathon not a sprint, etc.

Then the killing of George Floyd happened and all of a sudden, mask mandates were less important than they were the week before. 

For some reason, if people were gathering to "peacefully protest" that incident of "social injustice" it was ok to dismiss the health concerns that had been said to be so deadly that we had no other choice than to shut down the entire globe... yet can easily be waived in favor of weeks and weeks of shoulder to shoulder protests, which preceded late night rioting in countless American cities.

One of the worst descriptions of events since Baghdad Bob claimed that American soldiers weren't in the country, but they were right for everyone to see.  link to video 

That's when the average Joe stopped listening to the claims of "follow the science"... whether you think that's a good idea or not, that is where the wheels came of the tracks. You cannot speak out of both sides of your mouth at the same time and honestly expect to maintain credibility.

I'm not going to rehash all the ugliness of the last year and half, I'm sure that none of you have forgotten any of it. 

Who could forget this classic photo either, where the elite proved that they didn't fear Covid. When a governor, our governor, is so deaf to reality that he is killing businesses on the one hand with his arbitrary restrictions, then breaking his own rules on the other (dining indoors without masks or social distancing which was a big no-no at that time), he should be recalled if he doesn't have the decency to step down on his own accord. Oh wait, he is facing a recall election and this was the tipping point that made it happen.
This blog is about the reinstatement of an indoor mask mandate in LA County, and wondering how long it'll take for it to hit Riverside County.

Being a realist, and a small L libertarian, I can't imagine bothering with another mask mandate for multiple reasons.

First, the virus didn't pan out to be as lethal as originally feared... look at the numbers, it's not Ebola or even the redheaded stepchild of Ebola (and I'm not apologizing to redheads, or stepchildren 😂)

Don't be dissing gingers!

The entire point wasn't to eliminate the virus, it was to ((everyone all together now)) FLATTEN THE CURVE.

That meant, we knew that the virus was going to kill a lot of people, but we didn't want our healthcare systems to be overrun. Great job peeps, mission accomplished.

Then came the dreaded mission creep that some predicted from the outset (I wasn't one of them). All of a sudden it was now a matter of defeating the virus, instead of flattening the curve

Second, the vaccine has been available for a very long time, and there isn't a single person in the USA, that would like to get it, that hasn't gotten it, excluding the procrastinators out there, but they're years behind on many things in their lives... it's their choice. 

I don't care what your "vaccine hesitancy" is rooted in, it's your body, your choice, and if you end up contracting the more contagious Delta variety, it's on you. Same goes for if through your stubbornness you give it to a weaker member of your family. There are no guarantees in life. You'll be dealing with that fallout, not the rest of us.

Third, unless you absolutely cannot read the tea leaves, there will be incredible push back from day one of any more mask mandates based on Covid 19. 

Which, I think that attitude will linger on for a very long time and if (when) the next pandemic rolls around, and it's actually lethal like Ebola and Radioactive Fallout swirled into one, there will still be many hearkening back to the roller coaster of 2020, and take the stance of the townspeople in the fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. 

Do modern parents read to their kids anymore?

The thing that no one should do is cause grief for a business owner that has a mask policy.

Just like it's your body and your choice, it's their business and their choice. If a business has a mask policy that you don't like, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Save your petty bovine excreta (aka bull fo'shizzle) for your buddies online.

Recycling one of Wildomar Rap's earliest images.

Also, even if you're having difficulty in controlling your inner Karen, wanting to wag your finger at those that make different choices than you, pipe down if you see someone wearing a mask. You have no idea why they're wearing a mask, and even if was to ward off the boogieman, what difference is it to you? 
I can't believe such people actually exist, but there are reports of Karens everywhere. And no, I'm not apologizing to Karens out there either. 😂
I don't envision that this will be coming back to city council like it did in March of 2020 when the science was still being learned... but if it did, I wouldn't be in favor of any city level mandates of any kind with the facts as we know them in mid July of 2021.

With Governor Newsom in a real fight for his career, as he faces a recall in about two months, I don't see him doing any statewide mandates... which is pretty hilarious if you think about it. But maybe I'll be proved wrong and he won't be guided by the politics of self preservation.
Now, now, be nice Joseph.
If the infection rates continue to rise, and he chooses to do nothing until after the recall election, there should be no doubt left as to what is actually important to him or his party: MAINTAINING POWER, and nothing else. (But to be fair, the same is true about the red team too, and that's why partisan politics stink wherever they are prevalent). 

The current 7-day moving average is 89.6% lower than the peak observed on January 10, 2021 (251,880) and is 129.3% higher than the lowest value observed on June 20, 2021 (11,472). (LINK)

This is where you need to use you critical thinking skills. You can see where the actual number of current cases is, but if you listen to the news they only speak in percentage increases. Saying that something has risen, for example, by 129.3% is a lot more sexy than giving actual numbers that aren't impressive when weighed against the enormous size of our population.

I'm curious as to your opinion whether you think reinstating a mask mandate is a good idea or not... and I'm not really discussing the "science" angle of it. 

I'm talking about human nature and that we all know it will fail miserably if tried again. Even if you think a new mask mandate is a good idea, do you think it's worth the losing battle to push on people again, assuming the numbers creep back up to previous levels?

Lastly, Two other California counties, Sacramento and Yolo, reintroduced indoor mask recommendations this week. I do see a huge difference between mandates that will fail, and recommendations that will also fail, but at least wouldn't be a bitter pill from the word go.

I still wouldn't bother with such things, maybe it's that I'm too old fashioned and think that personal responsibility should be the baseline here. Then again, last month I got an email from a government lackey that wanted me to warn the residents of Wildomar that Summer is hot, and standing in the direct sunlight at 2:00 in the afternoon can be dangerous.

Ok, that wasn't the precise wording, but it was definitely the message. The state thinks that you're so dumb, that you don't even know to come inside on a hot day without them reminding you first... no matter how they gussy up the language, it's insulting to any adult with a functioning cortex. 

•                •                •

“Followers, followers. Sometimes, with some things, it’s best to keep your tally down.”
― Donna Lynn Hope

Ever since Google's new algorithms Wildomar Rap doesn't worry about keeping the tally down... they did it for me. 

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Friday, July 2, 2021

• City Council Meeting June 30, 2021

Here are my notes from the June 30th city council meeting. 

1.1 Santa Rosa Plateau Nature Education Foundation (SRPNEF) Special Event Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

This item was discussed in more than one public comment and ended up being tabled until the next meeting. 

There was some confusing and troubling wording regarding this year's Brewfest that is slated for Marna O'Brien park in October.

In short, the city is "partnering" with Santa Rosa Plateau for this event. I'm in favor of this event, though I would like the language of the terms to be changed from what they were.

Link to event website

Here is what the city will be putting into the event: 

City participation would include, but not limited to providing the following and related services: 

1. Park Fencing 

2. Restroom and Janitorial Services 

3. Providing Security 

4. Trash collection bins and pick up 

5. Traffic Control 

6. Special event signage and traffic barriers 

7. On- Site EMT/First Aid 8. Parking and Shuttle Service if needed.

l support this event

It would be great to see this evolve into Wildomar's signature event. Most cities have yearly events that distinguishes them from their surrounding cities, and I see this as a great opportunity.

What I didn't like was the wording in the MOU. Particularly this part: 


    2.1     The sponsorship funds identified in Section 1.1 of this MOU will be first applied toward costs and expenses incurred by the City in relation to the Event at the Park. City will provide Foundation with an estimate of the costs it will incur for each Event that will be applied toward the sponsorship amount 120 days prior to the Event based on an estimated attendance of 4,000 people. The cost estimate will include any and all costs incurred by the City associated with the Event, including but not limited to: permit fees, public safety staffing and services, temporary barricades or fencing installed at the Park, parking and traffic control costs, shuttle, sanitation costs including restroom stocking, portable toilets, trash receptacles and pickup and janitorial services. 

    2.2 If the cost estimate provided pursuant to Section 2.1 is less than fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) the City will allocate the remaining sponsorship amount toward Event marketing and promotion expenses. Foundation will present to City a marketing plan and budget for approval. If approved by City, the City will create a purchase order with Foundation to enable payments to be made to Foundation for approved marketing expenses. Foundation will submit an invoice to City detailing the Event marketing-related expenses incurred in sufficient detail so that City can verify the expenses were pre-approved. No more than one invoice will be submitted each month. City agrees to pay each undisputed invoice within thirty days

As I said, I support this signature event in the making, and I'm ok with the city spending up to $15,000 on it. 

Nice things cost money, and even if you aren't personally down with it, even if it's not something you personally are going to attend, that doesn't mean it's not a good event for the city to sponsor.

What I'm not ok with, and will not support is if the language above remains in the MOU. Staff time and the things mentioned in the list are costly enough, but still understandable. What is not understandable to me is gifting cash to the plateau, if there's any left in the $15,000 budget.

We shall see if it gets hammered out, I hope so. 

3.1 Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) Policy and Resolution Implementing (35 minute mark of the meeting)

The city is going to install 14 cameras throughout the city that will be used for investigative purposes. Seems like a great deal for under $40K per year and the start up costs are small too. Plus, this is year to year and a lease, we won't be buying the equipment that may well be out of date in five years, and it can be discontinued if so desired.

A slide from the presentation that showed the success in a local city.

I voted yes for this. 

I can hear the civil libertarians out there decrying this as an unconstitutional intrusion on our rights. Sorry, I disagree. It's the out of control civil libertarians that have greatly contributed to cities having their hands tied when it comes to urban campers

For the complete presentation and discussion please watch the video link below. 

3.2 Wildomar Active Transportation Plan

Here's my take. 

This is something that is forced on all cities to do. The work done by staff was top notch, but that doesn't mean it makes sense when looked at through the prism of reality.

80% of the people that responded to the survey said the current biking conditions in Wildomar are neutral or difficult. I'm not sure if you can read the options listed in the graphic, but high temperatures wasn't among the "challenges" options to choose from.

We all know it's going to get parked on a shelf until it has to be updated some distant time in the future... where it will then go back on a shelf, again, for another generation, ad infinitum until the Earth falls into the Sun. 

Thank you Sacramento, nothing like forcing all the cities in the state to do expensive work that will never see the light of day. 

Since I knew that was the case, I didn't bother going into everything that didn't logically measure up but I did ask about something in the agenda packet, but not gone over in the meeting.

I mentioned that I was confused by the cost of the #1 Bike Project – Sedco Boulevard Bike Lanes & Roundabouts.

I took the position that even if we were gifted this money, I couldn't imagine voting for something like this. This was probably a pretty cool street before the freeway got put in, but why would we put roundabouts there (even in a report that is going straight to the shelf)?

I thought I was making a reasonable point that temps are too hot and distances too far in our part of the world to address WRCOG's stated goal of By providing more bicycle lanes and better connections between existing bicycle lanes, WRCOG jurisdictions can increase the viability of bicycling as an emission-free commute option.

Come on Emperor (WRCOG), you're as necked as a jay bird and I'm happy to point it out to you since everyone else seems to think that you're decked out in some highly bedazzled duds.



Therefore, the idea of creating "emission free commuting options" with bike lanes is flat out bogus. 

But my colleagues all disagreed with me, sort of.

None of them actually tried to refute my points about it being too hot here to commute by bicycle, or that the distances were too far for such a thing to even be considered in polite company. 

Instead they all seemed to praise bicycles in one fashion or another, but not one of them mentioned the point that this item wasn't about recreation, but about workers commuting by bike in hopes of reducing GhG emissions. 

So, I chimed back in with, "I love bikes, but it's 100 degrees here often and it's far from one street to another." Which brought a good laugh from those in attendance.

3.5 Position Classification Schedule Update (1:35:00 in the video)

This is where the the cart came off the rails a touch. 

The updated pay rates for city employees showed very generous compensation marks for all who work at the city, especially the closer to the top of the pyramid you get.

Mayor: I haven't verified the numbers, so I'm just asking the question [...] have you been able to check any of that, does it add up (referencing the above graphic)?
Robert Howell: Based on what we put in the budget plan for 22-23 it does, but however that number (regarding the assistant city manager salary) is high, but will be adjusted downward when we get to (indecipherable).

If you look at the numbers, our staff gets far more than their counterparts in the private sector (and believe it or not, they do have counterparts). I'm talking about comparable work, with comparable responsibilities and comparable education requirements.

The rest of the council doesn't see what I see, and that's ok.

Where things went off the rails is when counterarguments were nothing more than weak strawman attempts to belittle my points.

Maybe my points don't hold up, if that's the case, ATTACK THE POINTS, don't put words into my mouth.

I used a district manager of Home Depot as an example.

According to reputable sources on the net, they have a salary range of about $120K to $180K according to Other sites like glassdoor and ZipRecruiter also offered figures on the position.

Please show me where the qualifications and requirements of this job are less stringent than the jobs in Wildomar. Having different opinions, even about city salaries, shouldn't be the cause for resorting to logical fallacies.
As a refutation of my points that our staff compensation nearly dwarfs what their counterparts make in the private sector, this was a offered

"We could go get the guy from Home Depot for $95K per year and we'd get crap service. He doesn't know what he's doing [when it comes to running a city]. The guy may be really good at separating paint, and ordering supplies but [won't know the finer points of running a city]."

My brain was melting.

Where did I even suggest to pay $95K? Or that I was talking about any particular position?

Did you honestly think I was suggesting that anyone from HD's paint department could run our city, or head any other department? Really?

I used the District Manager position for a reason, and not a local store manager, because I was looking for similar levels of expertise and responsibilities to illustrate a point. 

How is that lost on people? 

Watch the video, perhaps I'm plumb loco, or perhaps I just have different opinions that, if you want to argue against, how about let's go apples for apples and just attack what I actually said and not something that sounds close to what I said? 

I ended up interrupting two of my colleagues when they tried to rephrase my points into something ridiculous. Both were on Zoom, and perhaps it's time to no longer allow that option unless someone is truly on vacation or laid up in the hospital.

I do owe an apology to my colleagues for not allowing them to intentionally mischaracterize my points in attempts to make thier points stronger. I should have exercised better decorum and addressed it when it was my turn to speak. Lesson learned.

Public Comment of the Night 

The prize goes to Veronica Langworthy when she called us out for only having 2 of the 5 members of the council actually at the dais. 

She pointed out how all five members were basically cheek to cheek "in close proximity" at a ribbon cutting for Stiiizy (Wildomar's first cannabis retailer) just a few days earlier, but used Governor Newsome's emergency covid rules to continue using zoom instead of attending in person. I have to agree with her. 

Veronica Langworthy:  "[...] all five of you were at the opening of that business, in person, very close and no partitions between you... jus' sayin'."                                          

Veronica made a great point.

•                •                •

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.

– Dolly Parton

Wildomar Rap is neither rain nor rainbow, more like condensation on the outside of a glass of iced tea on a hot day.

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