Saturday, March 31, 2018

• Drunk Driver Crashes Onto Roof of Local Preschool

On March 30, 2018, at 11:33 PM, Wildomar Police Officers and CalFire responded to a report of a traffic collision in the 23400 block of Bundy Canyon Road.  
Screen Capture from ABC News.
Witnesses advised the vehicle left the roadway and became airborne, before colliding with an unoccupied building. The vehicle came to rest on the roof of the building. The driver fled the location after the traffic collision. 
Google Maps photo of the school.

A Wildomar Police officer responded to the address of the registered owner, Mateo Rayo, an 18-year-old Wildomar resident was contacted. 

Rayo was determined to have been the driver and was subsequently arrested for fleeing the scene of the accident as well as driving under the influence. Rayo, who was uninjured in the collision, was booked into the Cois Byrd Detention Center.

Anyone who may have information about this collision is encouraged to contact Officer Yu of the Wildomar Police Department at (951) 245-3300.
Reverse angle of preschool from Google Maps.
Citizens may also submit a tip using the Sheriff's CrimeTips online form

Link to ABC News Story/Video.

Friday, March 30, 2018

• Quilt of Dignity

During the 2017-2018 Service Year, the VFW Auxiliary Post 1508 (located on Waite St in Wildomar) created a Quilt of Dignity, to be used when a Veteran passes away, as a dignified covering, until further arrangements can be made.
Billy Reyman, Post Commander Steve Regalado, VFW Auxiliary President Cari Gardner, (standing on chair) Chuck Rankin,  VFW Auxiliary Conductor Isabella (Ina) Schiffer and Tim Underdown.  
Irene Trovato, one of the key figures behind the quilt, estimated that 27 people participated in its making. Between Irene, two "long-armers" and the embroidery person, it was estimated that it took about 120 hours to complete.
Post Commander Steve Regalado and VFW Auxiliary President Cari Gardner look on as VFW Auxiliary Treasurer Bridgette Moore adds her name to the back of the quilt.
All signed, now waiting to be sealed and delivered.
One of the many squares on the quilt.
For easy transport, it's stored in its own, personalized duffel bag. 
Below is a five minute narrated video giving more detail of what went into the making of the quilt.
•                •                •

"A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood."
– General George S. Patton

Wildomar Rap honors all those that put in the long hours of sweat, and often blood, protecting the freedoms of this land. Thank you.
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Monday, March 26, 2018

• Walmart Suit Denied By California Supreme Court

It was learned today that the case against the Wildomar Walmart has been denied a hearing by the California Supreme Court.

The attached notice from the California Supreme Court says that they will not accept the appeal. Also, the Court of Appeal's opinion that was a published opinion will remain the published opinion.

There are now no more appeals left through the state court system.
The red arrow points to the decree, "the petition for review is denied."
I reached out to Mayor Ben Benoit for his thoughts on the matter and he said:
• It's a huge win for the city of Wildomar and now it's only a matter of time before Walmart turns dirt. Once they turn dirt, inside of a year [they'll be opened]. It's just a question of when do they want to start.

• A secondary story in this case is about the attorney behind the lawsuit. He's a known goofball in San Diego, and has done these kinds of lawsuits so much that about five other groups joined in a amicus brief to the Wildomar case, to make sure this case got published. Just so everybody knew he lost this case and how.

The how was that he could not find a single person to say that they were the person of interest in this case. 
The unfortunate part of this silly case is that it has cost the people of Wildomar many years in the process.

I asked if the improvements on Bundy Canyon, near the freeway, were waiting on Walmart, and the answer came back as an affirmative. Once they start the building process, they've been conditioned to have all the road improvements in before they can open for business.

Though Walmart famously touts it's about 360 days from groundbreaking to doors opening, the final site and building plans could take a year after they begin the process in earnest. So if they were to go to the planning department this week, it would be about two years before they'd be opened.

For an example, in Lake Elsinore, near the Costco, they are building a Super Walmart too. They approached that city a couple of months ago, indicating that they'd like to be opened for business by December of 2020.

For a more detailed blog about the Walmart plaintiff (December 2017), click this link.

For a reminder, the Super Walmart will be over 170,000sf of retail space. They are conditioned to have all the road improvements completed before being allowed to open their doors for business.

This graphic was in a WR Blog from January 2015. If you enlarge it, you'll be able to see the signal lights at Sellers and Monte Vista.
•                •                •

Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.
Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.
– Dale Carneghie

Wildomar Rap is too busy to worry about fear.

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

• Wildomar Square Grand Opening

Though most of Wildomar Square opened back in October of 2017, the center itself waited until Spring of 2018 to hold its grand opening. The day was a bit chillier than we are accustomed to in SoCal, but it was a beautiful day just the same. 

The LED message board was switched on after weeks of it being in the 'off' position, in preparation for the big grand opening. 
The LED sign announcing the grand opening.
As seen from the northeast corner of Clinton Keith and Hidden Springs Road. The red arrow indicates the LED portion of the sign, and the blue arrow indicates the giant Robecks cup that was on display.
Wildomar Square's new LED sign as seen from Del Taco on the north side of Clinton Keith.
In addition to the businesses giving out free samples, there was a ceremony hosted by site developer David Horenstein of DH Holdings. The entire city council was in attendance as were many city staffers, including the city manager (Gary Nordquist) and the assistant city manager (Dan York).
David Horenstein spoke for about 20 minutes, mixing self deprecating humor with enthusiasm for the city of Wildomar, and the prospects of that Wildomar Square brings to the area. His quotes are in the red boxes below.
• Good afternoon everyone that has joined us for the celebration. Today actually signifies a pivotal milestone in the landscape of Wildomar; the grand opening of Wildomar Square.

• Let me give you a brief history [of businesses in Wildomar] for the last twenty years and how we arrived here today. I said "twenty years", well, we started the journey in 1999. That's when we only had a USA gas station on the other side of the freeway, and a couple of older [shopping] centers on Palomar if you remember.  
He then went through the various developments that have come to Wildomar over the years. 

He talked about the Rancon project that brought us the Albertson's center (1999). The Stater Bros center was followed by the one at Clinton Keith and Palomar where Rite Aid is. The Shops at Clinton Keith where 7-11 is came in just before cityhood in 2006-07.

DH Holdings bought the property where Wildomar Square is in July of 2007, and then he kiddingly said, "It was a perfect time to lease and start a project in '08... no?" Alluding to the major economic downturn/housing bubble that really socked it to our region.
• We went into a depression and so we had to continue to look for people who were willing to move forward with the project. So the signs kept changing "coming soon (2008)" to "coming soon (2010)" to "coming soon" until we got the feeling that no one was lending in America. —You guys remember this time (said wryly, to which the crowd chuckled).

• We're grateful, we're humble we're joyous about being here to unveil Wildomar's hottest new —100% Amazon proof, and 100% leased— shopping center known as Wildomar Square. 

• Wildomar Square can be that open door that changes the shape and future of retail, and commercial property and civic center community in Wildomar we want to be more than just a shopping experience, we want to be a square to be truly a place where positive memories are made and everyone in the community, beyond Wildomar boundaries, can come and enjoy.

One bit of fun was when David Horenstein mentioned how Wildomar came about. The crowd enjoyed the comment, but weren't sure if it was well played humor, or just a slight mix up.
• It was a small town and not many people know William, Donavon and Margaret in the late '80s came up with this town... late 1800s.
He then went through and highlighted all 24 tenants of the square. 

He started with Taco Bell, then went clockwise until he finished up with Country Kitchen. The other busineses were Jersey Mike's, Super Cuts, Robeks Juices, Sleep Squad, Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, Pad Thai, Pacific Marine Credit Union, Vie Nails, Petrichor Float, Califorever Salon, Mountain View Tires, Bear Creak Eye Care, Just Yoga, Massage Poise, Sandi Beach Tanning, Transamerica, The Habit, Town Center Cleaners, Sushi Ka, Healthy But Good, Angelo's Brick Oven Pizzaria.

I was excited to hear about the coming Thai Restaurant (which will be next to DD/BR). Can't wait to give them a taste. No word on how soon they'll be up and running. 
Wildomar is now solidly represented when it comes to places where you can get new tires and basic services for your automobiles.
The other new establishments I hadn't heard about before include Pacific Marine Credit Union, Sandi Beach Tanning, and Sleep Squad.
Mayor Ben Benoit remarked how much he liked Pacific Marine's new vault... which can be seen just beyond their E-Z Up with the bright yellow locking mechanism.
Next up was Mayor Ben Benoit:

"First off, I'm probably going to do this three or four times during this speech, but Thank - You - David!

David, you believed in this center, you believed in this city over and over again you believed in all of us and we've always believed in you, and we're so happy to be here today because of all the hard work you've put into it. I know it's your team [that made it happen], but thank you David, thank you very much."
Mayor Ben Benoit, fresh from the Eggstravaganza event a couple of hours earlier in the day at Marna O'Brien Park, says a few words about Wildomar Square to the crowd.
David Horenstein looks on as City Manager Gary Nordquist says a few words.
Ribbon cutting with the Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce.
The equine squad was on hand.
Though their building isn't ready for business yet, Just Yoga was on hand to greet the community.
Purple was the color at Sushi Ka, as they gave out free tastes of their food.
No, there wasn't a time machine back to the Roaring '20s, the Wildomar Queens, along with city councilmember Bridgette Moore had been at the Operation Prom Girl over at the Elks Lodge before heading over to Wildomar Square. From left to right is Taylor, Daisy, Bridgette Moore and DD/BR owner Mike Stout.
•                •                •

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.
– Dale Carneghie

Wildomar Rap is fairly certain that the long history of The Making of Wildomar Square is an example of Mr. Carneghie's point.

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

• Eggstravaganza 2018

It was somewhat chilly at the start of Wildomar's annual Eggstravaganza Egg Hunt, probably about 55 degrees when the first group of kids (ages 0 to 3) started picking up the plastic, goody filled eggs.
Mayor Ben Benoit isn't checking his watch because he was bored, just counting down the minutes before the next group of kids were to descend onto the field of eggs.
The pregame strategy session.
Casting her gaze upon her heart's desire.
No pressure here, plenty of time to choose which egg was best.
There were four different age groups and each had an early and a late start time, two for each group.
                                         •  0-3
                                         •  4-5
                                         •  6-8
                                         •  9 and up
Someone was caught looking at my camera, as another photographer snapped some reverse angle photos.
This young baseball player had a winning technique with her hat as a substitute basket.
In addition to the egg hunts, there were other things for the kids to do also. Bouncy house, pictures with the Easter Bunny, face painting, an art station, and a "pop up" workshop of the future park site. Seeking community input about how they'd like to see it designed.
Fun at a craft table.
My favorite photo of the day. 
Assistant City Manager Dan York shows people the various options planned for the new park.
Girl Scout Troop 2399 hosted an ADA egg hunt. It was part of a Silver Award project, where they designed and built several ways for special needs children to participate in the fun.
Troop 2399 hosts an ADA egg hunt. One tub has the eggs hidden in Easter grass, another among pom poms, and the last one (as pictured) in rice.
The games the girls created can be used year after year, and they made extras of each too... just to be sure. ☺☻

They already have next year penciled in to host the ADA egg hunt. 
Find the matching eggs.
These can be used for more than just Easter events. They can swap out the eggs for other items for other park events.
These eggs emit sound for the visually impaired.
Four of the five key girl scouts responsible for the ADA egg hunt, I was told that they are cadets. Left to right... Raylah F, Hailey C, Sarah H and Kaydee L. Not pictured is Sydney, she was on a school trip.
In total there were 16,000 plastic eggs. I think each child went home with between 50 and 200 apiece. 

One new grandma posted about how much fun she had bringing her young granddaughter to the event: 

"It was so much fun! My granddaughter absolutely had a blast. People were so friendly. I have not been to an egg hunt in years because my child is an adult. This was a wonderful and respectful event. I was so worried kids would be mean and she would not want anything else to do with these events. She is 1 and a half and she had the best morning ever! Of course we stopped by the dairy for chocolate milk and a peak at the animals on the way home lol".
•                •                •

Everyone is a genius at least once a year; a real genius has his original ideas closer together.
– Georg Lichtenberg 

Well, looks like you can scratch Wildomar Rap from that latter group.

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• Fire: Honeydew Lane

Fire broke out on Honeydew Lane in the early afternoon of Saturday March 24th. According to Wildomar City Council member Bridgette Moore, One adult female and two adult males have been aided by the Red Cross.
Looking easterly, towards the corner of Vine and Honeydew.
The structure appeared to be a total loss. 
(photo and video below)
Standing about pin high to Honeydew Lane, looking up Vine. You can see the temporary water supply brought in by the fire department in this, and other shots below.
From the corner, looking south down Honeydew Lane.
About 100 yards north of the fire on Honeydew Lane.
Site of the fire where a home once stood.
Near the site of the fire, looking north up Honeydew Lane.
Another northerly view of Honeydew Lane.
A neighbor was quoted as saying, "It was too hot for me to stay on my deck, behind the wall. Once I saw it was gas fed from the water heater I gave up putting water on it and tried to cool my place."
Photo courtesy of neighbor.
Heat damage to the home next door. Photo courtesy of neighbor. 
As seen from the freeway.
Photo Courtesy Sally Latimer.
Below is a short video of the damage. No flames, just smoke and the fire department at work.

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