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APPROVED FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BY: Gary Nordquist, City Manager Date: March 27, 2020 
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WILDOMAR, CA - Due to the current CoronaVirus (COVID-19) situation, the City of Wildomar has issued an order to temporarily relax and/or suspend certain City enforcement activities to protect businesses and increase housing opportunities in Wildomar. 

The changes to the activities include relaxed enforcement for business signage, stormwater inspections, construction activities and recreational vehicle parking. The City will also be reducing Business Registration fees as well as development impact fees. 

“We are trying to help out our businesses and residents as much as we can,” said Wildomar Mayor Dustin Nigg. “Relaxing some of our fees and rules is the small part that we can play in helping our community to cope and recover from this crisis.” 

For a full list of the relaxed/suspended enforcement activities, please visit this webpage.
These important measures will have to wait awhile to come back to the fore. For the life of me I can't imagine why we would suspend the requirement of an on-site sign for public hearing notifications. SMH
FYI This graphic, and opinion, was NOT in the official press release
The language in Sections 4 and 5 seems to contradict itself, but I really don't get how allowing construction to continue at non traditional times is supposed to combat CV19. I get it, this is a goodwill gesture, and this is about the only thing our city can do... but why not relax every other city code while we're at it? I'm sure that they are also hardships to local residents and businesses too.
FYI This graphic, and opinion, was NOT in the official press release
Link to press release on city website:
Wildomar Temporarily Relaxes and Suspends Certain Standards to Help Businesses and Residents  

For additional information, please call Kimberly Davidson at 951-677-7751, Extension 215, or email

• Covid 19 Stats By City as of March 27, 2020

The county recently released updated stats on where CV19. The list now has a breakdown by city.
185 confirmed cases, with 8 deaths (all in the desert areas)... in a county of more than two and a half million residents. I'm taking this seriously, but I have opinions that I'll share at the bottom of this blog for those that care. There is a link below that takes you to the interactinve map.

Google only had Riverside County's 2017 population listed when I checked.

As of Friday, March 27th there were roughly 50 confirmed cases in this part of the county with no deaths outside of the desert areas so far... but that number will probably already be outdated by the time I hit the "publish" button on this blog. I watched Wildomar's cases go from 3 to 5 in a couple of hours as the stats were updated.
If you, or a loved one is susceptible to this invisible threat, best to take it seriously.
Now that the city by city numbers are being published, it will be interesting to monitor their increases. I've highlighted Wildomar.

   City               Cases    Deaths

To keep up to date on these numbers and see a whole slew of other virus related info too, use this link:

Wildomar Rap opinion time

This has been a lose/lose for the authorities (Federal, State, County and City) from the get go. 

It's a lose if nothing is done and a true outbreak hits, causing countless deaths in its wake (as predicted)

It's also a lose if we go into lockdown mode (which is basically happening now) and all the dimestore epidemiologists on social media scoff because there aren't piles of dead bodies in the street as if this were some bad Dustin Hoffman movie from the 1990s.
I saw this a few days ago and it hasn't held up well.
As for me, I'll be following all the guidelines as best as I can, and I strongly urge you to do the same.

This is an invisible enemy, and it would be better to practice social distancing and see the numbers of infected stay on the low side (which is what will happen if we follow the suggestions) rather than ignore them (because you think it's another in a long line of deep state conspiracies — you know who you are) and have this last far longer than necessary.

Better for you flat earthers to gloat after the fact. 

You can say, "see, I told you it was a lot of hooey," when the death totals remain under what the seasonal flu gets. All the while dismissing that the numbers remained low because of the extraordinary measures taken. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

• Special City Council Meeting: Covid-19

Very brief meeting with only one agenda item. Mayor Dustin Nigg attended by way of phone, and also with his photo propped up in a chair (I loved that touch), which was made permissible when Governor Newsom relaxed certain parts of the Brown Act. 
Councilmember Ben Benoit gives the thumbs up when he hears Mayor Dusting Nigg compliment our "social distancing". At the far right you'll see the masked council member, Joseph Morabito (me) who had just learned from his (my) wife's doctor that I must wear a mask in public so as to protect her. 
3.1 Resolution Proclaiming the Existence of An Emergency Situation and Local Emergency Due to The Worldwide Spread Of COVID-19 

In brief, the emergency resolution is to allow the city to continue conducting business in these extraordinary times. Please watch the very short video at the bottom of this blog.

There was a proposal made by the Mayor that local grocery stores establish priority hours for the elderly and "other high risk groups of people". 

"The city council strongly encourages grocery stores to establish certain priority shopping hours each day for the elderly and other high risk groups of people. The council requests that the public respect this time period to allow elderly and other high risk customers to pick up the food and supplies they need."
— Mayor Dustin Nigg
I asked for a little clarification on that, if possible. 

My thinking was that the same type of people that disregard community needs when they use their wood burning fireplaces on "non burn days" (I'll burn my wood anytime I feel like it, why would I care if people with respiratory problems will be negatively affected) or that purchase cute little red vests for their dogs and then lie to people that their pet is a "service animal" would have no qualms about showing up and claiming to be in the "other high risk groups of people." (though I wasn't nearly that pointed during the meeting)
Ben Benoit got a good wide angle shot of the dais and the room... which had no members of the public present.
The city can't direct, but we are "highly recommending"... that means it's on the honor system... that applies to YOU too.
I wanted the Pikachu mask, but my wife had already called dibs on that one. 

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Later in the evening a press release was sent out:

Monday, March 16, 2020

• Richard Heil Memorial Service

This morning, while maintaining distances per the governor's "request" to self isolate, a medium sized crowd of friends and loved ones attended the memorial service for longtime Wildomar champion Richard Heil. 
I've asked Kristen Lloyd if she'd be able to pinch hit for me today... and supply some photos and a write up so we could share the info this week. Many thanks to her. ☺

—  —  

Today, I am filling in as cub reporter for Joseph. We both attended the celebration of life for Richard Heil but he was asked to provide a video for the family. So, although he was front and center for the event, he is taking the backseat for this article and is busy working on editing video and writing another compelling “rap”.  

I digress, back to Richard. Richard Heil was a long-time resident and very active community member of Wildomar. Richard passed away earlier this year on January 18th, 2020. It took a while to organize family members travel and plan exactly what he had time to write down in his final wishes.
One of the collages at the memorial.
Today’s celebration of life was planned well before the outbreak of the “Covid19” and it was a shame that social distancing and executive orders kept many away. Sharon understood but it was hard to see an audience that wasn’t fully representative of all those who held such high regard and respect for Richard. If it weren’t for the state of affairs the room would have maxed the capacity with “Standing Room Only.”

The event was one of the first that blended a military procession and service with an ELK formal tribute. The honor detail performed a ceremony that included the most beautiful rendition of taps on a bugle that I have ever heard and the folding and presentation of the American flag to the next of kin. Sharon also received three bullets in a velvet bag that were fired in honor of his time in service from Arlington Cemetery Honor Brigade.
Sharon and RIchard Heil.
I had never attended an ELK formal tribute and it is filled with ceremonial rites and readings that touched my heart. They honor the time Richard served as an ELK member, which he took an oath to embody the principles and purpose of; four cardinal virtues: Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity; to promote the welfare and enhance the happiness of its members; to quicken the spirit of American patriotism; and to cultivate good fellowship. Richard was all of these things and more. A true ELK.

City Council member Ben Benoit represented the mayor, the other council members and city staff that were not able to attend. 

Ben spoke back to when he was a junior council member that both Richard and Sharon were his benchmark to know if the city was moving in a positive direction. Sharon would sit and knit in the front row at council meetings and if things were going well, she continued to knit. If occasion arose that things weren’t sounding quite right, she would put her needles down. And, when things were starting to turn, Richard would put his hand on hers and assure her that everything would turn out okay. I am certain that she is missing that blessed assurance hand pat given today’s uneasiness.

There were two speakers that praised his service with the VFW and American Legion as a member, veteran, and fellow countryman. It was also my privilege to speak a few words on behalf of just one of the many organizations that he was a part of. 
Missed by his family and friends.
I was there to speak on behalf of the Historical Society, which was just many of the organizations he was an active member of for so many years. But you can’t  start in the middle of the story. My husband and I have been lucky to serve alongside Sharon and Richard throughout the years. Richard’s acts of service molded my husband and I as community members and citizens on this big blue planet.

We first moved here in 2001 and John met Sharon and Richard at a MAC meeting. (Municipal Advisory Committee – meetings that moved action with the county prior to cityhood.) Soon after that John got involved with re-opening parks and they both joined him at the meetings. They were encouraging, willing to say yes, and showed up.

They too thought it was so important for the children to have a place to play. They were selfless in their efforts. They put their actions behind their beliefs. Always attending meetings, functions, helping set-up and tear down, volunteering to serve where needed.

Their yesses were yesses. Their character was exemplary, something that we try to achieve. We’re always learning and maturing and it was so wonderful to have a couple that we could mirror.

And yes, of course we were able to open parks with their help.

They initiated the contact between the HOPE pantry and Grace Point Nazarene church in 2008 at a community event. Because of that introduction, Grace Point began to provide a location locally for the citizens of Wildomar to pick up fresh produce and pantry goods. This was during one of the most difficult downturns in the economy for the world.

I am proud to say that this program has been going strong since then and now there are other locations throughout this area that also are part of that fresh food program. This program has helped hundreds in our local community make it a little further along each month. The introduction has exponential growth and stories of grace and mercy that we will never know. 
Some of the flowers at the memorial service.
John joined the ELKS, with Richard’s help. He worked with him on projects with the VFW, and the American Legion to name just a few of the organizations that Richard was involved in. But he couldn’t keep up. Richard was the energizer rabbit. Giving where he could and to his fullest potential.

Lending a hand to others is their acts of service and we are forever grateful for their example and friendship. We never really knew what it was like to have one without the other, they worked as a well-oiled machine.

Richard would start a conversation, Sharon would add or Sharon would start a conversation and Richard would add his two cents, I mean memory of events.

It was a pleasure working with them helping to preserve the history of Wildomar. They offered up their ancient treasures to Wildomar Elementary History Day presentation for many years. The kids would be so curious as to what a dial phone was, an adding machine, a typewriter, a homemade kite. The awe and wonder in their faces truly inspired us. It was a highlight each year that we were able to participate.

Richard would tell of museums he went to on the trips that Sharon planned. Their ideas were boundless on what the historical society should strive for. We’re working on it but without their help it’s been a turtle’s pace.

I think that his love of history came from his own past and service in the military that lent to preserving the American way. He had strong feelings in for protecting personal beliefs and freedoms. He continued to dedicate his life to veterans and practiced acts of gratitude with both the VFW and American Legion in many chapters and locations throughout the county.

He is missed by many and I know the community will also miss his ethics, character, and shining example. In today’s turbulent times it would have been nice to have him on your side.

There are three things in this life: Faith, Hope, and Love.

The greatest of these is love and it was so apparent to all of us….
His love for Sharon…
his family…
his community… 
and God.

He was able to spend his last days writing his wishes down. The celebration of life was his and planned to perfection, no detail too small or left undone. Jan Ebel sang two beautiful songs. The ELKS Chaplain ended the formal ceremony with, “He is home and we will see him soon.” 
Fred Mlakar

The celebration ended with the accordionist, Fred Mlakar playing a few of their favorite polka tunes while we enjoyed breaking bread together.

He and Sharon made plans to travel, visit museums, and places of interest with him by her side. Seat belted and ready for adventures in his American flag themed urn.
I would count myself lucky to visit with her and hear about those adventures.

If you are missing a loved one, know that whatever you do today, tomorrow and each day that follows that you carry them with you….love remains!


Kristan Lloyd and her family have been part of the community since 2001. Her day job is as an Administrative Management Specialist working with public water systems. She is also a Grief Recovery  Specialist with a purpose to create potential for a better tomorrow.

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