Friday, September 30, 2016

• New Business About To Open: Geri-Fit

I was passing by the shopping center that has Rite Aid (corner of Clinton Keith and Palomar) and noticed a bit of activity going on. 

I stopped in and met Janice Lee, the soon to be proprietor of Geri-Fit. She was busy turning the old dance studio into a place for seniors to come and take workout classes. 

(Due to the construction, there weren't any good pictures to take of the inside at this time.)

Though it sounds like a great idea, I'd never heard of Geri-Fit before so I asked her a bunch of questions.

Geri-Fit offers strength training, flexibility, range of motion, balance and other exercises for older people... even those with loss of mobility, wheelchair bound, people that haven't exercised before or those just getting back into it. 

If a person has a caregiver they are welcome too. That includes just waiting until the session is over, or even being a participant (for a an additional fee).

The fees for the classes are $48, and the classes are 8 sessions at 45 minutes each (four weeks). 

They are work at your own pace classes. The exercises are tailored to the needs of those attending. 

I asked her how she became interested in this field of work and how she got to Wildomar.
My husband and I moved to Wildomar about three years ago from Escondido. I've been interested in senior fitness for quite some time. 

I got sidetracked with my education career; I was a teacher for twelve years (middle school). Prior to that I was a civilian in law enforcement. 

I finally got some time to get back to my passion, which is fitness — senior fitness in particular. Now I have my certification as a fitness trainer, specialist in fitness nutrition and specialist in senior fitness. 

Janice Lee, Geri-Fit Wildomar

Janice is aiming for October 11th as opening day. 

If you have interest in attending these classes, don't hesitate to contact her.


22812 Palomar Street, #104 Wildomar, CA 92595 
951-461-3210 or 619-980-1456

She told me that they're working on a Facebook page at the moment. 

I also heard that joining the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce is on her to-do list too. 
•          •          •

Aging has a wonderful beauty, and we should have respect for that.
— Eartha Kitt, 1927-2008

Wildomar Rap reminds you that age is just a number, and though it's shorter than your cell phone number, it's still a lot easier to remember —despite its yearly change.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

• Measure V, How Are You Voting?

What's your thoughts on higher taxes?

I've never been in a big proponent of them myself. Lower taxes were part of the allure in choosing Wildomar over the surrounding communities when we moved here.

(...and don't bother trying to tell me that bonds aren't taxes. If I'm required to pay the government money —it's a tax, no matter what euphemism you'd prefer.)

What I really hate is when they are pushed on people under the pretext of 
"it's for the children."
If you vote against school bonds, you're a big meanie!

I first heard of Measure V at a recent city council meeting when a spokesman for LEUSD pitched the virtues of the proposed $105,000,000 bond measure. 

At the meeting, it was shown what tax payers of other districts are paying, and those of us in the boundaries of LEUSD were pretty much ridiculed because we've been paying ZERO on school bonds.

Heidi Dodd, LEUSD Board Trustee, was quoted in the Press Enterprise on the subject and seemed to lament that we were one of the few districts that didn't have a school bond.

As if that was a bad thing or something.

“We’re one of the few school districts in the whole county that doesn’t have a school bond.”

LEUSD Board Trustee Heidi Dodd

Before getting all teary eyed about school bonds, and before expecting people to vote for such boondoggles, please do some investigation on the topic. 

To finish building Hillcrest High School, the Alvord district issued a $57 million bond in 2011. By 2046, when the loan is paid off it will have cost taxpayers $375 million – 6.6 times the principal.

Below is a video link with California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer discussing how some bonds work.

On the other side of Ortega Highway is Capistrano Unified School District, which encompasses an area from San Clemente through Laguna Niguel to Aliso Viejo.

They are looking to get a $889 million bond passed, obligating homeowners to $43 per $100k assessed value.

Think about it for a sec. With the cost of houses there, that would be an extra $250 per year... and that's on the lower end.

The bonds that LEUSD are proposing are ONLY going to cost us $19 per $100K... or roughly $50 for the average home.

To have a well run society, it costs money. In fact, it costs a lot of money. Problem is, you can't keep going to the same well constantly looking for more.

If you want more, you need to create more. Not simply squeeze the current taxpayers, all the harder, for a few extra drops of blood.

That goes for a lot of things that our taxes pay for, including ALL public employees... particularly the emerging special class known as first responders. (I love the cops and fire guys, but if you were honest about it, the ever rising costs are way out of control.)

If there isn't enough cash in the kitty to get the things LEUSD wants, then make a better budget, or lobby Sacramento for a better allocation of funds.  
(Too bad school children aren't insignificant fish in the Delta).

But what really has cemented my NO vote on Measure V is the Jean Hayman campus. 

It was closed back in 2008 due to budgetary concerns. The idea was that they would remodel it, then reopen it, when the need arose again.

Lo and behold it was discovered that it was on a fault line (welcome to California, Einstein). So it was forever removed from consideration as a school and has remained dormant ever since.

It just so happens that it would make a great community center for Wildomar (like the old Butterfield campus has done for Lakeland Village). Thing is, the price tag is too steep for the city, and that doesn't count the amount of money it would take to refurbish it.

Since it's been closed, the district has canabalized some parts for other schools, and then there are the copper thieves. 

Excluding the purchase price, it's conservatively estimated to be more than $800K to get it back up to code and ready for use.

Here's a link to a Press Enterprise article discussing the school, and how the district is shopping it around. The 2011 estimated value was $2.5 million. 

That campus needs to be turned over to the people of Wildomar, and at NO COST

The taxpayers already bought and paid for it, and I don't need anyone telling me that Sacramento made up some hokum saying why we don't own it.

I may be the only one in town to tie together Measure V and the Jean Hayman campus, but I can't imagine any Wildomartino voting to tax themselves (at least $50 a year) while they have spent years getting short shrift in regards to that long shuttered, and rapidly deteriorating, campus. 

Thoughts on government agencies that seem to think they're above the very people that pay for them to exist: 

Remember back at September 11th, and how we learned that the FBI and CIA weren't sharing info with each other?

Most of us thought that was absurd when our common needs suffered due to it.

I'm not sure if the LEUSD knows this or not, but they are fully owned by the local taxpayers, and they aren't a private company that should think they actually own anything. 

They are simply chosen stewards of some of the community's assets.

I went over to the "Yes on V" website and I couldn't find a single word about the cost. Not for the face value of the bonds, nor how much to repay them or even how much each homeowner would be responsible for. 

I even looked in the FAQ section, and it appears that no one cares enough to ask them such things.
Link to Measure V webpage
Here is a link to the LEUSD's press release on Measure V

Small disclaimer here. I've been meaning to blog about this topic, and it was at the recent Coffee With The Mayor that I decided now was the time. 

A concerned scout mom was trying to talk me into voting for it, she had compelling points, but in the end they weren't enough to bridge the bond morass/chasm (yes, it's both a morass and a chasm at the same time).

For me, it's NOT about the children

It's about the money, and when guys like Herb Calderon (Alvord School District, in Riverside) say things like, "I know the state treasurer is upset with me, he indicated that guys like me, that put these deals together, we should be fired, but people need to realize that —yeah you know your kids are going to be saddled with this debt, and their kids and so forth,  but look what they're getting. They're still getting a quality educational building," it tells me it is all about the money (not the kids)... but from the wrong angle.

Measure EE was a 2014 $144 million Jurupa Unified School District Bond Issue

With all that said, I predict that Measure V will pass. 

Look at the graphic to the left. Bonds of all types have been passing with greater and greater ease the last few years.

It only takes 55% on a bond measure, and if people were suckered into Prop 47, because it was nicknamed "The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act", it's a lead pipe cinch that V will win too.

That doesn't count statewide school bond Measure 51 

That one is for $9 billion and even old Governor Moonbeam is against it: 

  • “I am against the developers’ $9 billion bond. It’s a blunderbuss effort that promotes sprawl and squanders money that would be far better spent in low-income communities.” – Governor Jerry Brown 

One of the few times that he and the Howard Jarvis group are on the same page.

•          •          •

The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets.
— Will Rogers, 1879-1935

Wildomar Rap has never believed throwing money at an issue is the answer, but is willing to test the theory if you're will to throw the money this way.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

• Brown Vetoes Wildomar, Again!

This was easy to predict, and most of us saw this coming a mile off. 

I boldly predict a five-peat next September.

The best recap of the whole thing was in a comment by RivCo Supervisor Kevin Jeffries in a reply to Mayor Bridgette Moore Facebook posting the news of the veto.

I asked councilmember Ben Benoit his take on this, and though it appears that there could be a glimmer of hope in the governor's remarks that accompanied the veto, he didn't put too much stock into it.

If this is an opportunity for us to get [the VLF funds returned] before the governor is no longer in office —great, but I don't know that's going to happen.

Councilmember Ben Benoit

The part that frosts me about Brown's prolonged obstinance on the matter is that he has no problem dishing out blindingly high sums to his pet projects. 

Then he has the temerity to suggest that basic operating costs for these four cities (Wildomar, Eastvale, Menifee and Jurupa Valley) "must be considered in the light of other budget priorities."

“While I commend Senator Roth’s tireless commitment to assist the cities, this bill requires the state to make additional and long-term general fund spending commitments. As such, this proposal must be considered in light of other budget priorities during upcoming budget deliberations.”

Governor Jerry Brown

Part of me feels that I have to take responsibility for this veto. 

During the letter writing campaign I called our esteemed governor a booger... and knowing his delicate self esteem, it most likely sent him into a tizzy and cost the four Riverside County cities a combined $24M a year. 

My bad.
•          •          •

Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job.

— President George W Bush

Wildomar Rap would like to hearken back to a classic suggestion from past LA Mayor, Tom Bradley: when it's brown, flush it down.

Friday, September 23, 2016

• Go Nutz Donuts Opens

It's been several months in the waiting, but the big day has arrived, Go Nutz Donuts is officially opened for business.

I stopped in around 8:30 and had a chance meet up with councilmember Ben Benoit, along with some other friends that had already been inside. We chatted while I let the line subside a bit. 

I picked out four different items to sample, along with one of their special coffee mugs ($14.99) that comes with lifetime refills for 99¢.

I'm not really big on sweets in the morning, don't blame me - blame my tastebuds, so I was eager to sample the C.H.P.  (Cheese, Ham and jalapeño Pepper). A terrific balance of flavors along with some zing from the jalapeño.

The maple donut had a deep flavor, and the chocolate one had a great taste too. I had to enjoy the texture and taste of the cronut... looks like I may have to rethink this "sweets in the morning" thing I mentioned earlier.

Remember that this is a soft opening and they're still working out a few kinks. 

They have an extensive menu, but many of the items weren't available today. 
I'm looking forward to trying such things as Crazy Balls (a concoction involving a donut hole and a meatball) and The Hankster (2 glazed donuts with an egg, sausage and cheese).
Go-Nutz bling for purchase.
I loved the unique shapes of the donuts I purchased, they had that artisan feel to them and the taste was great. 

They are located in the Stater Bros shopping center (Clinton Keith and Hidden Springs Rd, right next to Print Postal).

Facebook Page

Be sure to check out their website for a complete look at their menu, and the backstory of where Go Nutz came from.

Official Website
Gotta love all the ideas they have!

•          •          •

Donuts... is there anything they can't do?

— Homer Simpson

If Wildomar Rap were a donut shop, you be sure to find pepperoni pizza and Kalamata olive donuts on the premises.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

• Chords and Vines Radio Program

Kat Ellis did a remote broadcast of her show, Chords and Vines, from Wildomar's The Corporate Room.

Musical guest was Grace Richardson of Cougrzz Rock, and special guest was Wildomar Mayor Bridgette Moore.

Kat played several original songs by Grace, and with each it was paired with a wine and some food prepared by Chef Steve of New Life Culinary Creations. 
Kat Ellis, Tom Plant, Grace Richardson, Bridgette Moore and Cathy Neumann-Bearse.

In the video below, you'll get a flavor of the live broadcast as Kat talks with the Mayor. She was able to get in 10 Wildomar references during the hour.  
About half way through the hour long show US Congressional Candidate Tim Sheridan was invited on stage, and spoke a few moments about his radio days in his youth. 

Immediately following the Chords and Vines program was to be a Tim Sheridan fundraiser at The Corporate Room, and the place was all decked out in blue and white 
tablecloths and seat covers
Kat Ellis, Tom Plant, Grace Richardson, Bridgette Moore and Tim Sheridan.

After the show I had a chance to ask Kat a couple of questions about her show. She started Chords and Vines in September of 2013 when she thought pairing wines and music were a natural combo.

Her inspiration for the show came from the "beautiful wineries" that are in the Temecula Valley and the talented musicians: "It just seemed like a natural thing to do."

Her crew consists of herself, Tom Plant whose day job is a business called Wineormous, Toni Koch, Bob Batterton engineer, and until recently - Guy Towe (a friend of hers that suddenly passed away in August).

The show has grown to the point that they have done remote broadcasts in places like LA, Phoenix, Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Francisco, and they're working on a Maui trip for next year.

The best way to find the show is through their website.

•          •          •

[Explaining why she'd taken money out of the fountain]
Well, if people keep putting money in, then it could build up, and all the water could flow out, then it could go down into the underground, then all the trains wouldn't be able to go anymore because they would slide off the tracks and that would be the end of all London, and I'm preventing all that from happening.

— Karen (6 year old from British TV show "Outnumbered")

Wildomar Rap suggests pairing hazelnuts, dark chocolate and liebfraumilch while listening to The Decemberists... but in a pinch it's ok to go with pepperoni pizza, beer and The Who's - Who's Next.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

• Better Know A Wildomar Business: Traveling For The Pets Mobile Grooming

Calling all dog owners

It's always nice to share a trusted Wildomar business with the community. 

Diana Robinson, owner operator of Traveling For The Pets Mobile Grooming, has been grooming dogs since the '70s and in Wildomar since 2004. 

The difference between her service and traditional groomers, is that she comes to your house to wash your pooch... instead of you convincing your dog to get into your car and schlepping him or her to the storefront option.

No dropping off and picking up, or leaving your furry friend to wait for hours while you do errands. 

She has a fully self contained trailer. Complete with washtub, electric/adjustable dog grooming table, and air conditioning.

She doesn't use your water or electricity, it's all part of her self contained trailer.

In addition to shampoo and cuts, she offers flea/tick treatment, and skunk treatment too!

Her services start at $55.

She uses Nature's Specialties all natural products. 

I asked about her mobile setup and how it came that she chose that method to do business.

She told me that it's more economical to be mobile, and started off with a specially designed van, that she went to Indiana to pick up; at a cost of $85,000. 

She liked it, but the maintenance on it was high. She had two of those before switching over to the trailer. 

She's fully insured, both for the trailer and for your dog if something unforeseen were to happen. 

We have an eleven year old Schnoodle (that's a fancy-pants term for a designer mutt, half schnauzerhalf poodle) and thought we'd test out Diana's service. 
Diana trying to reassure Marcello, as he tries to talk me out of having him groomed.


Diana applies some finishing touches.

He wasn't too sure at first, but in the end, gives two paws up to Diana.

Though Marcello has a few skin issues (growths) that had to be taken into consideration, Diana handled them with care and Marty (his nickname) came out looking like a champ and ready for the canine prom.

There are many great groomers in town, but if you've wondered about mobile grooming, and whether there is a reliable person serving the greater Wildomar area, now you know.

•          •          •

“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”
— Mark Twain, 1835-1910

Wildomar Rap prefers Hebrew National, with some mustard and sauerkraut, when dealing with a dog eat dog world.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

• Lateral C-1 Storm Drain Project Pictorial

This project has been percolating for quite some time. It's been mentioned at least half a dozen times in this blog with the earliest reference going back to May 2014.

This isn't the type of project that will cause any traffic issues, so most people don't know it's under construction... even if they're driving by it.
General area of the project and pictures below.

It's just to the east of Palomar, south of Anne Sullivan Preschool, and mostly out of sight.

It's not hard to dig up information about this project, but I asked Public Works Director/City Engineer Dan York to give a thumbnail sketch in layman's terms about it.
What you're seeing right now is that they're building the 90" section of the pipe, closest to Palomar; and it will go all the way up towards Windsong Valley. It'll run north and south along the edge of Windsong Valley and pick up a couple of different drainage courses. Ultimately it will collect 615 cubic feet per second of water, which is a significant amount of water. This project, we're hopeful that everything will be complete before Thanksgiving.

Public Works Director/City Engineer Dan York

Below are several images. 
The first is from last Summer, the rest were taken this week.
June 2015 Google Image of the area.

A look at the sections of 90 inch pipe required to finish this job.
A crane getting ready to place one of the 90" pipe sections.
A section of the 90" pipe that is near Palomar.
Another look at the pipe to give you an idea how big it is.
Here is a detail of the previous image for a better idea of it's size. 
If it ever rains again, it'll be interesting to see how the water flows with this thing in place. Hopefully straight down to the Murrieta Creek like it's supposed to, and not onto Palomar anymore.
•          •          •

The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, sticktoitiveness; third, common sense.
— Thomas Edison, 1947-1931

Wildomar Rap reminds you that sticktoitiveness has nothing to do with stepping on gum.

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