Thursday, March 11, 2021

• City Council Meeting: March 2021

No Frills highlights from the March 10, 2021 city council meeting include:

2.1 Authorizing the abatement of weeds/rubbish in areas where the landlords have shown no interest in keeping their property clear.

I'm happy to see that we are getting to this earlier in the year than in the past.

3.1 Covid-19 Update

There is a Covid testing site at the cemetery grounds. An appointment is needed, but it's been reported that it's easy to get an appointment and a not a difficult line to get through.

From the city website

Riverside County designated COVID-19 testing site in Wildomar!

Starting Monday, February 1, 2021, and only held on Mondays: The Wildomar Little League Field parking lot will be a Riverside County designated COVID-19 testing site open to the public and testing is FREE.

However, testing must be scheduled through the Curative site at

The Wildomar Little League Field is located at 21400 Palomar Street Wildomar, CA 92595, directly behind the Wildomar Cemetery.

Testing services are available EVERY MONDAY ONLY at this location from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm. **But you must be registered to receive a test**

Riverside University Health System (RUHS), in agreement with Curative Bio Inc., have been providing COVID-19 testing services throughout Riverside County.

For questions, please contact Daniel Torres, Cemetery District Manager for the City of Wildomar at (951) 678-2451 or

or Les Chapman, Emergency Manager for the City of Wildomar at (951) 677-7751 ext. 205 or

City meetings are slowly returning to an open format, though they'll be zoom, or a hybrid, for some time to come.

I suggested that we begin to open the meetings to the public, even if that only means there are 5 chairs in the chamber until such a time as "social distancing" is reduced or eliminated. 

I also asked that we return the meeting start times to 6:30pm. Most of us need dinner and though I'm approaching 60 years of age, I don't really want to eat at 4pm. 

I guess that for next week's special budget meeting, I'll just bring my food there and eat at the dais. 🤔😂

The parks are back open

As the backboards were being installed at Marna O'Brien park.

The basketball backboards at Windsong Park are being reinstalled, but since the two backboards are different, and one is particularly old, it's taking longer to find the proper pieces for it. One of the backboards will be up shortly, but the other will take some time as city staff works on a replacement.

3.2 Fireworks discussion

City council discussed the issue of fireworks in our neighborhoods. 

I started off by suggesting that the point of the discussion was to find a way to reduce the number of incidents where neighborhoods have to endure the actions of a handful of fools that enjoy disrupting the peace within our city.

If that's you, you are indeed a worthless slug, and your neighbors can't stand you... jus' sayin'

Yeah, some of you think that launching explosives over your neighbors' houses is some how "patriotic"... very few actually buy into that claptrap. 

At this point we're waiting on the county for guidance as they are also working on this issue. If you have suggestions, please be sure to share them IN AN EMAIL to the city council.

3.3 City Hall Lease

It was approved 4-1 (Morabito voting against spending an additional $2500+ per month) to add more square footage in the leased building, on the first floor where the mortgage company used to be.

An active search for a permanent city hall location is underway, but best case scenario would make such an option several years into the future.

I figured it would be better to live with what we have, save some money in the process, as we look to the future for a permanent home, but no one on council agreed with me.

Below is a link to the video of the entire 2 hour meeting.

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