Friday, May 13, 2016

• ALS ONE 5K and Community Health Fair

Coming to Marna O'Brien Park, will be a Community Health & Fitness Fair —which includes a 5K run.

The proceeds from the 5K will be going to the charity called ALS ONE

The 5K is the brainchild of Wildomar residents Erin and Ken Hartley, who have lived in W'Mar since 2010, have three young children and operate Exercise for Vitality

Their motivation stems from multiple sources. 

  • First, Erin's uncle was recently diagnosed with PLS Primary Lateral Sclerosis (which is a less lethal disease than ALS amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), and she'd like to help find a cure.
  • Second, their love of physical fitness.
  • Wildomar hasn't had a 5K and the city was very receptive.
The cost for participation varies. If you register early the basic cost is $30. If you dilly-dally it'll be $40. Students are only $10, but that doesn't include a shirt. 

There is also an ADA accessible 1K that costs $5 to register... if you register early that is.

If you have an existing running team, or walking group, you can sign up as team. Your team needs to have at least three members in it to qualify for the discounted rate.
The way to sign up is to visit the website:

Key word is → WILDOMAR

I found it easiest to sign in with FaceBook, but there was still another page to fill out after that.

Be advised that there is a $3.95 convenience charge that is added by the ACTIVE website people, and you need to UNCLICK a couple of things before finishing (unless you like spam).

I asked who the key sponsors are so far and they quickly listed several.
  • Print postal
  • StrongBoard Balance
  • Ace Hardware
  • Great Clips
  • Target

They're actively looking for additional sponsors for this event.  
The cutoff date to be included on the shirts and banners is May 25th. If interested, be sure to contact Erin through email, facebook or phone. 

They are putting a lot of effort into this event and are looking to make this an annual fixture. There are going to be timing chips, so that the participants will get accurate times, and a proper digital timer like the ones that can be seen at higher end 5Ks.

I first heard about the 5K a couple of months ago, and wondered why they chose to put together such an event in such a short amount of time... so I asked them. ☺

They originally were thinking sometime in November, but when they brought the idea to the city they were told that being part of the planned Community Health and Fitness Fair might be a better idea.

They realized that would be a great situation and so they embarked on getting a first rate event ready, post haste.
This is my version of their map. 

Erin and Ken know that such yearly events start slow, but are hoping to see the community help kick off the inaugural event with a large turnout.

Be sure to support this effort by visiting the facebook page at the link below.
Link to facebook page.
I asked for some details about their business, Exercise For Vitality. They have exercise classes at Copper Canyon Park in Murrieta. Not boot camp, it's fitness, balancing... aka functional training. It's about daily activities, not traditional gym/weight training.

The classes are co-ed and you don't have to enroll in a course that lasts for weeks or months, they're ongoing. 

They supply the equipment (balance boards) and they like to keep the sessions fresh and new. 

Check out their website to see their classes. 
LINK to Exercise For Vitality website.

email Erin at    call or text Erin at 858-735-4443
   •        •        •

“Running is a big question mark that’s there each and every day. It asks you, ‘Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?'”
— Peter Maher, Irish-Canadian Olympian

Wildomar Rap understands the runner's high, but usually prefers the couch potato's delirium.

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