Friday, October 26, 2018

• Better Know A Local Business: Furry Tail Dog Training

Holly and Mark Stephens.
I love sharing local businesses with the community. Today I'm sharing Furry Tail Dog Training operated by Holly Stephens.

She and her husband Mark have been in Wildomar for about six years now. 

She's always wanted to work with animals and earlier in her life she worked at Seaworld for many years. 

She's worked in the animal care and husbandry departments at aquariums and at the zoo, but really wanted to help people with their pets as she became more familiar with the statistics of dogs being put down due to lack of training.
Gaining the trust of one of her student pups.
A lot of her clients are concerned with chewing, jumping up, digging, barking, house training and "counter surfing" among other bad habits that need deprogramming. Her classes also cover basic obedience that all dogs need.
Behavior Corrections:

Pulling on Leash, Not Coming When Called, Jumping, Chewing/Destructions, Excessive Barking, Stealing and Scavenging, Nipping and Mouthing, Begging, Digging and Bolting.
Holly, in action, during a lesson.
Though she lives in Wildomar, classes and consultations are held at ​Canyon Hills Community Park in Lake Elsinore. That's where she's permitted and insured. (Off topic, I know she'd like to bring her services to Wildomar, but the permitting process has been a big obstacle so far)
Obedience Cues:

​Focus, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Drop-it, Leave-it, Take-it, Heel, Kennel up, Wait, Stand, Loose Leash Walking and Crate Training.
A previous graduate of Furry Tail Dog Training.
The group classes last an hour per session and there are six sessions per class. The groups can be up to ten dogs at a time (per her city permit), though they are usually not half that size. Like other reputable dog handlers, she only works with dogs that are up on their vaccinations.
High fives for a job well done.
A little bit of training for your dog, especially if you get them while they're still puppies, will go a long way in having an obedient and well trained dog. 
Eager for more training.

Let's be real for a sec, for as awesome as dogs are as pets, friends and even family members, poorly trained dogs can cause a lot of unnecessary grief to the owners.

Holly is a caring person that is there to help get your dog on the right path, contact her and see about the various lessons she offers.

Certificates Holly Has Earned

• ABC Certified Dog Trainer

• Pet First Aid and CPR Certified
• Certificate in Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
• Certificate in Feline Management and Training
• Certificate in The Art of Selling and Teaching Private Lessons

Visit Holly's website for more information.
She also has a facebook page to visit.
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"Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail."
– Kinky Friedman 

Wildomar Rap's vestigial tail hasn't wagged in years.

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