Thursday, October 25, 2018

• Lights On Afterschool/THINK Together 2018

Lights On Afterschool is national day to raise awareness for the importance of afterschool programs like THINK Together.
Miss April reads to the kids.
David A Brown middle school was the site where three THINK Together programs met for a couple of hours of fun and learning.
Students decorate the mural.
The program began at 4pm and lasted until 6pm. It started off with Miss April reading a book to the 250 kids, and at designated times some students would come up and decorate a mural. 
The finished work of art.
After the story was finished, William Collier Elementary was pitted against Wildomar Elementary in a Socratic Conversation (which members of a group think carefully, slowly, and deliberately).
Link to further definition of Socratic Conversation/Dialog.
The topic of debate was: Are mermaids real or fiction?

Wildomar Elementary had the con side of the argument and made solid arguments why mermaids aren't real.
Wildomar Elementary takes to "no" on mermaids stance.
Collier Elementary had the task of proving that mermaids were true, and they also presented solid arguments.
William Collier Elementary takes to "oh yes they are real" side.
Each side had opening remarks, then rebuttals.

Wildomar Elementary.
Collier Elementary.

Wildomar Elementary.
Collier Elementary.
One of the middle school students had the honor of telling the crowd the verdict:
Mermaids do exist.
After all the testimony was presented, it was found that mermaids are indeed REAL! (Take that science guy )

•                •                •
The second topic, which was argued both for and against by DABMS students was: Is animal testing necessary or not?
Con side.
Pro side.
Con side.
Pro side.
Con side.
Both sides spoke eloquently, but in the end, the judges found that animal testing is necessary. (considering their first decision, I'm not sure that I'd get overly concerned about this one... either which way. )

THINK Together is a terrific program that some of Wildomar's schools have access too. There was a petition being passed around to the adults present that alerted policy makers as to how important such programs are. 

•                •                •

I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.

– Socrates

Wildomar Rap cannot teach anybody anything, and only rarely manages to make them think. 

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